Nord Anglia International School Dubai United Arab Emirates | Profile, Rating, Fee Structure, Activities & Facilities

Nord Anglia International School

Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Day School

  • 2014

  • AED 63.4K-95.9K

  • Outstanding

    KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority)

    • British

    • IB

School History & Details

Nord Anglia International school first opened in Al Barsha, Dubai in 2014, it is a private co- educational school from KG to year 13. NAS offers high quality education based on National Curriculum of England to year 11 and followed by IB diploma with addition to A level examination for post-16 student. Over 1834 students with 78 nationalities studies at NAS. It is a highly inclusive school with 174 students of determination, special talent and gift studying under SEN.

    School Values

    Creating, Driven, Focused Global Citizen

School Achievements


Academically the school has scored excellent results both in IGCSE and IBD, it has achieved almost 100% passing result in IBD and IGCSE.
School Achievements

Non-Academic Achievements

Students participated in various Extra- curricular activities and won rewards.
Notable Alumni

Notable Alumni

Students from Nord Anglia have been to Oxbridge, Edinburgh, Brown and Cornell 

School Information

Nord Anglia International school offers world class facilities, motivating students to achieve their goals. The classrooms are adorned with interactive white boards, the school has 450seater theater/a...View moreView Less

Nord Anglia International schools

Mr. Matthew Farthing



Al Barsha 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Subjects & Curriculum Offered

  • Biology HL
  • Physics HL
  • History SL
  • Economics HL
  • Global Politics SL
  • Global Politics HL
  • English A: Literature HL
  • English A: Literature SL
  • English language and literature HL
  • English Language and Literature SL
  • Literature and Performance SL
  • Arabic B HL
  • Arabic B SL
  • Arabic ab initio SL
  • French B SL
  • French ab initio SL
  • Spanish ab initio SL
  • Business Management HL
  • Business Management SL
  • Environmental Systems and Societies SL
  • IT GS HL
  • IT GS SL
  • Biology SL
  • Chemistry SL
  • Physics SL
  • Environmental Systems and Societies HL
  • Visual Arts HL
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Art & Design
  • Environmental Management (EVM)
  • English – Language & Literature 
  • Ancient History
  • Geology