St Mary Catholic Secondary School

Hamilton, Canada

  • Day School

  • 1970

  • $ 5K-5K

    • Canadian

School History & Details

St. Mary Catholic Secondary School is based at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. St. Mary Catholic Secondary School first opened its doors in 1970. St. Mary Catholic Secondary School has been around and grown over the years because to the foresight, sacrifices, and dedication of the Catholic community in Hamilton-Wentworth. The school community quickly outgrew its temporary residence under Father Fergus Duffy, the first Principal, and in 1980 moved to the location of the former Hamilton Teacher's College, close to the McMaster University Campus. The school's enrollment exceeded 1000 students as a result of the growing demand for Catholic education, and a city of mobile classrooms grew nearby.

    School Values

    Enabling all students to realise the entire humanity of which Lord Jesus Christ is the model is the mission of Catholic education in Hamilton-Wentworth, in cooperation with the Bishop. This is the value that the St. Mary Catholic Secondary School tries to impart it to the students. The other values are:

    1. Self-respect, regard for others, and accountability

    2. Academic aptitude

    3. Independence, critical thinking, and problem-solving efficiency

    4. The capacity to change society

School Achievements


St. Mary Catholic Secondary School is one of the finest schools in Hamilton delivering the best of education. The school is imparting education not only to the community in Hamilton but also to communities living nearby. 
School Achievements

Non-Academic Achievements

The St. Mary Catholic Secondary School students are doing well in extra-curricular activities also. They have been participating in various competitions and events outside the school and have also won many championships. 
Notable Alumni

Notable Alumni

St. Mary Catholic Secondary School Alumni are as follows: Mark Jankowski: professional ice hockey player Catherine McKenna: former minister of Infrastructure and Communities Joe Stankevicius: Olympic rower Carter Verhaeghe: professional ice hockey player

School Information

St. Mary Catholic Secondary School is based at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The campus is well-located in the Hamilton city. The campus comprises of various facilities to assist the students. The facili...View moreView Less

C. D'Elia

S. Esposto


(905) 528-0214

200 Whitney Ave Hamilton, ON, L8S 2G7

Subjects & Curriculum Offered

  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • English – Language & Literature 
  • Science