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SAT Preparation Classes ( SAT Prep Courses)

SAT is a standardized pencil-and-paper-based college admission test administered by the College Board and is a prerequisite for those seeking to take up an undergraduate program in the US. In addition to a good SAT score, there are several other factors such as high school GPA, academic achievements, transcripts, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation as well as personal essays which play a major role in securing admission into some of the top Universities.

We strive to provide a one-stop solution to achieve all your university goals with our SAT test preparation.

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Importance of SAT exam

The SAT examination is considered important if you want to enlist yourself in the courses like- Journalism, designing, engineering, law, management, and arts. It is designed in a way to assess the verbal, written, and mathematical knowledge of students. SAT scores are also used to provide academic scholarships and are also accepted at almost all universities in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.


The SAT examination eligibility criteria are that a student must have completed high school and after that he/she can sit for the examination. Though there is no maximum or minimum age for this exam, the age group from 15-19 years tends to be the maximum number of takers of the test. The examination usually takes place in March, August, May, October, and December.


Those who want to prepare for the SAT exam are supposed to register themselves at the College Board which is a non-profit organization that conducts the SAT examination. The registration is done through online mode. You just have to simply visit the ‘College Board’ portal, create your account, fill in the necessary details, choose the exam center and pay the fee. To register you can get in touch with GoToUniversity which delivers the necessary details regarding the exam at their branches in the UAE, it also provides you with entire SAT preparation in Dubai.

Examination fees

International students appearing for the examination will have to pay $104 (approximately 7,000 INR).

SAT syllabus and exam pattern

The SAT comprises a total number of 154 questions which you are supposed to complete in 3 hours. GTU has provided you with all information related to SAT exams in one place and those who want to avail of our SAT preparation in the UAE can take offline as well as online classes. The pattern includes two modules with an optional essay test.

Evidence-based reading and writing

Reading test

Number of questions- 52

Duration- 65 minutes

Writing and Language test

Number of questions- 44

Duration- 35 minutes


Math with calculator

Number of questions- 38

Duration- 55 minutes

Math without a calculator

Number of questions- 20

Duration- 25 minutes

How to prepare for the SAT?

To excel in the SAT exam and get the best score you must avail yourself GTU’s SAT preparation online and offline courses which are available in India as well as in the UAE. We also provide Standardized test preparation services and courses for other examinations required to apply for overseas education. Our expert counselors and tutors have enlisted a few tips to prepare for the SAT exam.

  • You should start preparing for SAT at least 3 months before the examination and you can also avail Standardized test preparation courses for SAT preparation in Dubai contact GoToUniversity.
  • Keep practicing English and solving mathematics questions as much as possible.
  • Try to practice under time duration so that you will attain a habit of finishing the exam on time.
  • Take a complete test at least once a week and practice for the rest of the days.
  • Get your practice scores evaluated by an expert teacher and work on your areas of improvement.
  • Set a target and target score to achieve during your practice.
  • Since it is MCQ-based learn to solve the easy questions first as the test is time-bounded

Our comprehensive training has been launched with SAT test preparation online also, enabling students to brace their university applications.

  • Get connected with our trainers virtually and benefit from interactive classes in achieving the best score.

  • FACE TO FACE OFFLINE CLASSES at multiple locations
  • We have made our classes available at considerable locations for those interested in offline classes

  • BLENDED CLASSES for Immediate Test Takers
  • If you have started late and want to take the test immediately then avail of our blended classes.

  • We also provide private tutors for anyone who wants to have a personalized level of coaching.

What makes our program unique and effective?

  • Best Trainers with 99 percentile score
  • We have the best trainers who have helped students to secure 99 percentile in most of the exams

  • Customized Classes to meet individual needs
  • We have also customized classes for individuals in terms of date and time.

  • Small Batch Size
  • We prefer teaching students in small batches in order to pay attention to the progress of students.

  • 10,000+ students successfully trained
  • Having a great track record of training more than 10,000 students and positioning them in top universities.

  • Students score around 99 percentile
  • Students under our guidance have been proved to be great scorers

  • Updated Learning Resources
  • Our resources are completely updated as per guidelines of the university requirements.


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SAT PREPARATION CLASSES IN UAE GotoUniversity : offers SAT preparation classes in Emirates Towers Dubai, JLT, Al Nahda - Dubai, Sharjah, Al Falah Street - Abu Dhabi, SAT preparation classes in India, GoToUniversity offers multiple packages for SAT training classes which can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.

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