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Best Universities in Finland for Biology Degree by US News Ranking

Check best universities & colleges for Biology, degree in Finland ranked by US News

Different agencies use different metrics to evaluate universities around the world, however the most common factors are : a) Academic achievements b) Employability c) Educational process d) Research facilities e) International outlook as to number of international students and faculty f) Citation by each faculty g) Student Faculty ratio etc.

Subject ranking is updated every year for top universities in Finland by US News. Many ranking indicators such as Global Research Reputation, Regional Research Reputation, Subject Publications, Subject Books, International Collaboration & Total Citations Data is used to compute subject ranking.


A major discipline that deals with study of living organisms and their functions, in simple terms, the study of life. A modern approach to Biology has led to many interdisciplinary researches with other scientific disciplines giving you a broader prospect in the field such as Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biomedicine and more. The study in the field has proved beneficial to strike an ecological balance for living organisms to co-exist. Based on the area of expertise, each type of Biologist deals with specific job responsibility – at fundamental level researching on mechanics and functioning of micro-organism to macro-organism, at intermediate and upper levels they are involved in applied research trying to develop and improve processes in the field of medicine and other industries.

Various Major under Biology

Biological sciences offer diverse and interest specific majors with more than ten main branches under it. The branches and majors include Biochemistry, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, General Biology, Marine Biology, Taxonomy, Morphology, Cytology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Embryology, Genetics, Ecology, Eugenics, Evolution, Palaeontology, Virology, Anatomy, with a never-ending list.

Career opportunities for Biology

The list of career options can leave you amazed if you are a graduate in Biology. 1) Biochemist 2) Genetic Counselor 3) Health Specialist 4) Health educator 5) Nature Conservation Officer 6) Physician 7) Practitioner 8) Biotechnologist 9) Marine Biologist 10) Nanotechnologist 11) Research scientist 12) Pharmacologist 13) Sustainability Consultant 14) Soil Scientist 15) Forensic Scientist and more.

Below is a list of top universities in Finland for studying Biology sorted by US News

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