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Best Universities in Estonia for Humanities Degree by Times Higher Education Ranking

Check best universities & colleges for Humanities, degree in Estonia ranked by Times Higher Education

Different agencies use different metrics to evaluate universities around the world, however the most common factors are : a) Academic achievements b) Employability c) Educational process d) Research facilities e) International outlook as to number of international students and faculty f) Citation by each faculty g) Student Faculty ratio etc.

Subject ranking is updated every year for top universities in Estonia by Times Higher Education. Many ranking indicators such as Global Research Reputation, Regional Research Reputation, Subject Publications, Subject Books, International Collaboration & Total Citations Data is used to compute subject ranking.


A discipline solely dedicated to study of human thoughts, ways, creativity, know how people process and document experiences, people who came before us and our contemporaries. The study forms a bridge to understand our own kind by providing a platform to learn many languages, variety of cultures and human history. Humanities as a branch holds a special place as it teaches empathy, critical thinking through creativity, to reason on complex, subjective and broken pieces of information, evaluation on our existence and the world we live in. Due to its emphasis on emotional intelligence and vocal skills, you find humanities graduate practicing journalism, publishing, advertising, and managing international relations. 

Various Major under Humanities

Diversity of the discipline offers many majors to choose from - liberal arts, literature, fine arts, religion, anthropology, film, visual media, mass communication, law, archaeology, social works, political science, international relations, fashion, theatre, sociology, modern languages, while history, psychology, philosophy, and linguistics dominate the rest.

Career opportunities for Humanities

Based on the major you specialize you may fit in the following profiles: 1) Linguist 2) Human resources specialist 3) Foreign correspondent 4) Journalist 5) Advertising Manager 6) Genealogist 7) Museum Curator 8) Editor 9) Public Relations Manager 10) Technical writer 11) Event organizer 12) Lawyer 13) Archivist 14) Archaeologist 15) Political Analyst and the list of options doesn’t end here.

Below is a list of top universities in Estonia for studying Humanities sorted by Times Higher Education

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