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Best Universities in Austria for Material Science and Engineering Degree by US News Ranking

Check best universities & colleges for Material Science and Engineering, degree in Austria ranked by US News

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Material Science and Engineering

Material science is a study of physical and chemical fundamentals of atoms and the resulting structure - formed by the controlled combination of atoms. Material Engineering is led by the knowledge of material science as it predominantly focuses on synthesizing and processing of component materials into useful engineering products. Material Science and Engineering has advanced biomaterials, ceramics, metals, polymers and electronic materials that influence all areas of Engineering. Material scientists and engineers work has only led to a betterment through designing and manufacturing safer cars with better mileage, improving computer performance with better hard drive capacities, portable electronics, better health care devices and so on.

Various Major under Material Science and Engineering

Lately, research in Material Science and Engineering is being catalyzed. Researchers are found to be working on smart materials with unusual physical and chemical properties, energy storage, biochemical sensors and more. Emerging technologies include quantum dots, organic semiconductors, aerogel, super alloys, pico-technology, LitraCon, Graphene due to their applications in nuclear power, sky scraper construction, improved insulation, and optical data communication.

Career opportunities for Material Science and Engineering

For a skilled Material Science and Engineering graduate, there are a numerous career opportunities from the technology front in multiple sectors. You may consider 1) Metallurgist 2) Research Scientist in Physical Science 3) Geotechnical Engineer 4) Patent Examiner 5) Project manager 6) Quality Manger 7) Technical Sales Engineer 8) Materials Engineer 9) Product development Scientist 10) Design Engineer 11) CAD Technician 12) System Engineer 13) Global Supply Chain Manager 14) Manufacturing Engineer 15) Failure Analysis Engineer

Below is a list of top universities in Austria for studying Material Science and Engineering sorted by US News

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