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Best Universities in Finland for Neuroscience Degree by US News Ranking

Check best universities & colleges for Neuroscience, degree in Finland ranked by US News

Different agencies use different metrics to evaluate universities around the world, however the most common factors are : a) Academic achievements b) Employability c) Educational process d) Research facilities e) International outlook as to number of international students and faculty f) Citation by each faculty g) Student Faculty ratio etc.

Subject ranking is updated every year for top universities in Finland by US News. Many ranking indicators such as Global Research Reputation, Regional Research Reputation, Subject Publications, Subject Books, International Collaboration & Total Citations Data is used to compute subject ranking.


Neuroscience is a branch of medicine that deals with study of functions, genetics, physiology, structure and mechanics of the central nervous system and its disorders. Neuroscience sheds light on the extent to which our mood is an integral part of cognition and how our peripheral vision gets affected depending on our positive and negative moods. If this mechanism in humans and animals interest you then neuroscience is the degree you should pursue. You may specialize in neurotransmitters or focus your research on behavioral disorders and illnesses that include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or multiple sclerosis. Neuroscientists either involve in research at clinical laboratories, or work in hospitals to diagnose and treat patients.

Various Major under Neuroscience

Neuroscience has been broadly classified into multiple branches due to its complexity of the processes and functions involving nervous system – Affective Neuroscience, Neuro Informatics, Neurolinguistics, Neurophysiology, Neuroimaging, Neuro Engineering, Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Clinical and Behavioral Neuroscience. A major in Neuroscience is a combination of Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Physiology, Psychology, Immunology, and Computer Science. This field of study gets multiple perspectives from Psychiatry, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroendocrinology, Clinical Psychology, and more.

Career opportunities for Neuroscience

Neuroscience offers challenging career profiles purely in the field of Neuroscience as well as in other fields that consider Neuroscience perspective. 1) Neuroscientist 2) Neuroanatomist 3) Neurobiologist 4) Neuro Pathologist 5)Neuro pharmacologist 6) Psychiatrist 7)Psychophysicist 8) Speech Pathologist 9) Neural Engineer 10) Neurophysiologist 11) Clinical Psychologist 12) Audiologist 13) Occupational Therapist 14) Biostatistician 15) Histopathologist and more.

Below is a list of top universities in Finland for studying Neuroscience sorted by US News

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