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Pharmacy Universities in Pakistan by QS Ranking

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Pharmacy is a science that deals with the art of preparing and preserving drugs, and also of dispensing and compounding drugs as per the required prescription. Pharmacy is a bridge that connects health sciences to chemical sciences. Pharmacists are considered to be drug therapy specialists as they are the ones to optimize medication to ensure patients’ positive health and safety. The study in the field has proven to provide opportunities to scientific research, innovation and patient care. Pharmacists play a major role in health care sector. Pharmacists often supervise the medical supply chain and monitor the production and preparation of medicines, they also run quality assessments, advise patients on medicine that’s prescribed, and share information on safety and effectiveness of a drug with patients and other health care professionals. Pharmacists work in hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, schools, nursing homes, independent pharmaceutical chain, and the federal government.

Various Major under Pharmacy

Pharmacy as a discipline coexists with pharmaceutics, medical chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacology and pharmacy practice. Pharmaceutics involve several branches of science such as pharmaceutical formulation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical technology, dispensing and physical pharmacy. Medical chemistry is multi-disciplinary science that deals with the development of new drugs. Pharmacognosy deals with the study of drugs derived from natural and plant sources. Pharmacology focuses on drug action and has been divided into several sub disciplines such as clinical and environmental pharmacology, theoretical and cardiovascular pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacogenetics, posology, pharmacogenomics, pharmacoepidemiology, and dental pharmacology.

Career opportunities for Pharmacy

There are broadly four types of pharmacists – community, clinical, pharmaceutical and consultant pharmacists. There are different types of pharmacy and places where you can get hands on experience as a pharmacist, a few of which includes home care pharmacy, consulting pharmacy, regulatory pharmacy, ambulatory care pharmacy, community pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, compounding pharmacy and hospital pharmacy. A pharmacy graduate can fit into many of the following profiles 1) Biochemists and Biophysicists 2) Medical Scientists 3) Pharmacy Technicians 4) Registered Nurses 5) Ambulatory Care Pharmacist 6) Academic Pharmacist 7) Compounding Pharmacist 8) Hospice Pharmacist 9) Consultant Pharmacist 10) Medication Therapy Management Pharmacist 11) Nutrition Support Pharmacist 12) Nuclear Practice Pharmacist 13) Oncology pharmacist 14) Pediatric pharmacist 15) Drug Information Specialis

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