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Welcome to Mohawk College. With students from 80+ countries around the world enjoying the wide range programs and services offered, you’ll find Mohawk College is truly an exceptional education destination.

Become Future Ready at Mohawk. 
Mohawk is a leader among Ontario’s colleges. Deeply rooted in our community and the demands of the present, we have a global perspective that addresses the needs of the future.

* Introduction 
Your Success is Our Dream too.
At Mohawk, you will be exposed to a world of opportunity and will have the chance to develop skills that will help prepare you for whatever comes next. Business, entrepreneurship, engineering, healthcare, English language training and more, all contribute to our promise to create world ready and future ready graduates

At Mohawk, we take pride in our offering more than 100+ programs for international students. Not only do we provide exciting programs to elevate your previous education and qualification, we do it with the most innovative technologies and facilities. 
We are transforming the way we deliver educational experience. We’ve redefned the meaning of campus —to meet our students’ educational needs and increase collaboration with our partners. We’ve honed our expertise in the technologies shaping the world —artifcial intelligence, robotics, augmented and virtual reality, biotechnology, digital health and cybersecurity to name a few. We set the standard for applied learning—the most effective way to equip students for 


their complex digital futures. We’re committed to supporting lifelong learning—to ensure our grads’ skills remain relevant

Mohawk College is fully accredited and funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and is a member of the Association of Community Colleges of Canada (ACCC). We are public college and you can find out DLI here: 

  1. Centre for Aviation Technology at Hamilton International Airport (HA) : 
  2. Fennell Campus (FF) :  
  3. Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster (IH) : 
  4. Stoney Creek Campus for Skilled Trades (SC) : 
  5. Mississauga Campus : 

First, its’ important, what you are looking for in terms of credentials. At a college level, our programs are undergraduate and post-graduate. Below you will find different options in terms of credentials which will help choosing the right program easier. 

A credential is the document that confirms you have completed the requirements of your program. Different credentials require different amounts of time to complete, see below for a general time range for each type of credential.
How long it takes to complete a program depends on many factors including co-op work terms, fast-track options where you attend semesters back-to-back with no semester break, and your pace of learning. For detailed information, check your program’s web page at mohawkcollege.ca.

Certificates (1 year) 
Certificate programs provide an introduction to an area of study and help students develop fundamental knowledge and skills in their field of choice.

Diplomas (2 years)
Diploma programs deliver the theory and practical skills to prepare students for a specific career. Many Mohawk diplomas include an optional co-op. 

Advanced Diplomas (3 years)
Advanced diploma programs provide additional specialized knowledge in the chosen field. Some Mohawk advanced diploma programs include a required co-op.

Degrees (4 years)
Degree programs are offered jointly by Mohawk College and a university. They combine hands-on, applied learning with theory and critical thinking and include work term placements.

Graduate Certificates (1 year)
Graduate certificate programs build on previous postsecondary study to enhance professional skills or develop specializations.

Over 100+ Programs to Choose From

Now that you have an understanding of credentials, you can browse our website for the list of programs we have available for international students. You can find the list here: https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/programs/search?filter-field-international-students=available-to-international-students 

We are proud of the fact that 85% of our graduates are able to find jobs within 6 months of graduating. 

While you are studying at the college, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get hands-on experience so that you not only have the experience already, but can also use those experiences to your advantage when searching for jobs. 

Mohawk programs offer a wide range of experiential learning activities that provide hands-on, practical experience that bolsters your job readiness and prepares you for a successful transition into your career.

Applied Research
Work directly with industry and community partners on real-world research challenges with IDEAWORKS, Mohawk’s applied research and innovation hub.
Field Trips
Explore academic content outside the classroom in a short-term field trip or site visit.
Campus Incubator
Become an entrepreneur by turning a business idea into reality with mentorship from SURGE, Mohawk’s entrepreneurship resource hub.
Field Placement
Gain hands-on experience in a workplace setting, for a specified amount of hours within a semester.
Capstone Project
Solve a challenge by applying knowledge and skills acquired in earlier courses using a written report or presentation.
Observe, test and apply course content using tools, equipment and resources utilized in a specific field or program of study.
Clinical/Practicum Placement
Under the supervision of a registered or licensed professional, meet the mandatory requirements to receive a professional licence, certification, or registration within a professional association.
Performance-based learning
Produce or participate in an artistic or musical performance or portfolio exhibit in front of an audience.
Industry or Community Project
Work with a business or organization, with the guidance of faculty, to explore, develop and solve an identified challenge.
Experience an interactive and accurate representation of a real-life situation or process by using critical thinking and decision-making skills.
Co-operative Education
Acquire industry-related experience through paid work terms. Read more about Co-op on page 17.
Service Learning
Foster civic or social responsibility while working with a local or national organization to address a community or global need.

Mohawk College is a mid-size college with over 30,000 proud students. Of which, 4,400 are international students coming from 90+ countries. You are never too far away from home when you are at Mohawk as you are bound to find your community within your new home. 

  1. Areas of Study 
  2. Business 
  3. Communication Arts 
  4. Community Services 
  5. Health 
  6. Preparatory Studies 
  7. Technology 
  8. Skilled Trades 
  9. Graduate Studies and Pathways 

International students can apply for scholarships and bursaries after they are a registered student with us. Scholarships are merit-based and available usually mid-way through first semester. 

Mohawk offers 200+ credit transfer agreements with partner institutions within Ontario, across Canada, in the US and abroad. There are almost 1,000 additional pathways available with colleges and universities within Ontario. You may choose to pursue credit for your Mohawk learning at another institution. As a Mohawk grad, you may receive credit for several courses, or for a year or more towards another credential. This allows you to develop practical skills and knowledge at the college level, and build on this foundation with more theoretical learning at university.

Check out the Mohawk transfer database at mohawkcollege.ca/transfer and find pre-negotiated, Mohawk specific degree completion options. Or, go directly to ONTransfer.ca—your guide to credit transfer in Ontario colleges and universities.

Each program requirements is a little bit different. The best place to look is to go to the program
page of the program you are interested in and click on “admissions”. This will give you all the
requirements, including international requirements.
A general guideline that you can follow is below:
Diploma Programs (Undergraduate Studies)
- You will need proof of English through IELTS Academic 6.0 overall, TOEFL, PTE or
Duolingo English Test with a score of 105 (September 2022 only).
- Proof of high school completion
- Copy of academic transcripts that is notarized and translated. Or original English copy.
- Some programs may require specific scores in specific courses. For example, if you are
interested in computer systems programs, you will need grade 12 mathematics.

Graduate Certificate (Post-Graduate Programs) and some High Demand Diploma Programs
- You will need
- You will need proof of English through IELTS Academic 6.5 overall, TOEFL, PTE or
Duolingo English Test with a score of 115 (September 2022 only).
- Proof of Degree completion
- Copy of transcripts from high school and university that is translated and notarized.


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