Advantages of Studying master at business schools in Germany

A brief history of Universities Participating: 

GISMA Business School was launched in 1999 as an initiative by the then prime-minister Gerhard Schröder, in a joint initiative with the state of Lower Saxony and private-sector enterprises. In September 2013 GISMA became a member of the international higher education group, Global University Systems B.V. (GUS). GISMA Business School is committed to providing supplementary business education with a unique blend of theory and practice, thus effectively filling the gap between conventional university studies and the shifting requirements of today’s global marketplace. GISMA serves the learning needs of individuals aspiring to take on major managerial responsibility with businesses of international reach and scope. GISMA strives to provide a superlative learning environment for the achievement of objectives. GISMA stands for cross-cultural inspiration, a principle lived daily by our teachers, students, and corporate participants from around the world. Our educational portfolio aims at providing supplemental management training as a complement to first-degree studies and job experience. All courses at GISMA are taught in English, as the world’s foremost language for business and global communication. Our alumni come from as many as 40 different nations and are taught by professors of diverse cultural backgrounds.


Since its establishment in 1999, GISMA Business School has paved the way for talented and skilled individuals to develop tech-driven and innovative solutions to some of the biggest challenges in the business world. With our goals in mind, we are continuing to expand and grow, helping students from across the globe to pursue their dreams and succeed.
We award both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as GISMA Business School University of Applied Sciences, and we are also trusted to deliver degrees from some of the top academic institutions across Europe.

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List of campuses

  • Potsdam 
  • Berlin
  • Hannover


- PG 

  • MSc Leadership for Digital Transformation
  • MSc International Business Management
  • Global MBA
  • MSc International Agribusiness
  • MSc Data Science, AI, and Digital Business 

- UG

  • BSc Data Science, AI, and Digital Business
  • BSc Data Science, AI, and Digital Business


Speaker - Rishi Kumar

Rishi has been working as Director of Recruitment- GISMA Business School. With his passion & dedication, he has been working for GISMA for many years. 

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