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All About Advanced Placements

Learn how Advanced Placement (AP) tests are becoming an integral part of students' profiles while applying to top universities around the world. With the decreasing popularity of SATs, the APs are becoming the standardized test of choice for students to display their proficiency in subjects they wish to pursue undergraduate education. 
We aim to address the most commonly asked questions mentioned below and any others you can think of during the webinar : 
  • What are APs and who should consider taking them?
  • Which subjects should be considered?
  • How many papers should be attempted and when?
  • How does it impact college applications? 
  • How does one prepare for them?
Who Should Attend 
The Webinar is hosted for students and their parents who are interested in pursuing Advanced Placement courses or simply those who wish to know more and understand if it aligns with their academic objectives. 
This webinar resonates best with those : 
Studying in American Curriculum schools and taking AP as their mainboard exams. 
Studying in non-American Curriculum and taking AP subjects by themselves 
Private Candidates and Homeschoolers 
Applying to top universities in US, Canada, UK and Europe
Host: Sumit Advani (Co-Founder, Ignite)
Building training programs for high schoolers from international schools in UAE for over 7 years. 
Speaker: Mohnish Ahuja (Co-Founder & Head of Academics, Ignite)
Teacher and Mentor with over 10 years of global experience in IBDP, British and American curriculums
About Ignite Training Institute 
Ignite Training Institute has developed and run premier academic enhancement programs in UAE to 
help students realize their potential in STEM subjects for the last 7 years.  
Our expertise lies in International Curricula like International Baccalaureate (IBDP & MYP), British (I/GCSE & A Levels) & American (AP) for Math, Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), French, Economics, Business Studies.  
Our training courses have been developed by experts with a penchant for education who have excelled in their chosen fields, be it engineering from IIT or super-specialty medical studies. With over 10 years of experience in delivering subject matter knowledge, we have seen our students making a significant improvement to their grades. 
We run customized learning programs for school-going students & private candidates which are tailored to meet their academic goals and career pursuits.  Comprehensive training schedules, customized material, rigorous test and review methodologies ensure our students remain fully engaged through the duration of the courses. 


Speaker - Sumit Advani

With a degree in Science (IT), from the Mumbai University, India, Sumit has also pursued a diploma in advertising and public relations. His experience with Prepzone, Dubai has empowered him with the kind of experience that can easily form the backbone of any classroom and e-educational initiative. He brings with him tremendous expertise in designing and implementing varied solutions for the education sector and has been integral in customizing academic learning programs that align with students needs and goals, specifically from international schools in UAE. 
He possesses the right qualification and organizational capability for managing the personal and infrastructural needs of students and faculty at Ignite Training Institute. The centre has been planned under his leadership and bear testimony to this fact.

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