Become a Doctor in the USA in 4 Years

Become a Doctor in the USA in 4 Years

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Become a doctor in the US
This webinar is must for students who are:
- MBBS students or science degree graduates looking moving to USA to become a doctor
- Have questions about MCAT, USMLE, Residency in the USA
- Salary opportunities for Doctors in the USA
- Know about clinical rotations in US hospitals
- Know about licensing requirements in the USA
- Entry requirements and how to apply for MD

Know About Our Speaker

Varun Iyer

Higher Education Counselor

As a study abroad educational consultant, Varun has been guiding students with a different academic background for various countries like Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand, Europe etc. He possesses more than 4 years of experience in study abroad and educational counseling for various programs such as Business, Engineering, Hospitality, Healthcare etc. Prior to UAE he had worked for international educational consultancy in India and got students admitted to various Universities like Wilfrid Laurier University, NYIT, University of Rochester, Northeastern University, Thompsons University, Lincoln University and many more. He is a Bachelors degree holder along with Microsoft Certification (MCTS) and also completed ENZ (Education New Zealand) Training Certification.  Click to see Varun's full profile

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