Digital Privacy Making You Invisible

Your actions online are like footprints in the snow, some easier to follow than others. Your behaviour and your data is secured in most common apps and services - but how much information are you openly allowing the world to see? Hackers seek information about you to help with their attacks, companies seek information about you for marketing their advertising. Your data is valuable, so by following our workshop – you can be a little more aware of your information and protect your privacy, without being overloaded with technical jargon.


Speaker - Varun Jain

Since 2005, Varun has been guiding students brainstorm and craft their roadmap to the top Universities and B-Schools. His more than a decade of experience includes consulting high school students to MBA aspirants, setting up test prep and college admissions consulting businesses, conceptualizing and organizing educational events and creative writing. Varun has guided students from more than 50 different countries (including Singapore, India, Vietnam, Israel, USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, Fiji, Yemen, Columbia, Jamaica, Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc). Varun’s students have been admitted to many Ivy League and top colleges such as Columbia, Stanford, Harvard, University of Chicago, UC-Berkeley, Brown, Oxford, Cambridge, INSEAD, LBS, Cornell, Williams, IE-Spain, HKUST, University of Toronto and many more.

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