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Digital SAT Math Masterclass

SAT Math Section

SAT is a standardized test that provides a platform to showcase that you are college-ready, to apply to undergrad programs in the United States. Unlike, any other standardized tests, the math section on the SAT has been carefully designed and bifurcated into two separate sections - one without a calculator and the other one with a calculator and the content tested has been interestingly categorized into four major areas

1) Heart of Algebra that includes linear equations and functions
2) Problem-Solving and Data Analysis that includes ratios, percentages and word problems
3) Passport to Advance Math that includes analysis of complex functions and equations
4) Additional Topics in Math that includes plane geometry, coordinate geometry, solid geometry and trigonometry.
The Math section is tested through two question formats – Multiple-Choice Questions with four answer choices and Grid – In questions.
The non-calculator section on the test has 15 multiple-choice questions and 5 grid – in questions with a testing duration of 25 minutes with 75 seconds per question. On the other hand, the calculator section has 30 multiple-choice questions and 8 grid – in questions with a testing duration of 55 minutes which gives you approximately 85 seconds per question. Here, use of a calculator does not imply complex calculation. Do not program your mind to what the section says (non-calc and calc) instead just build on your strengths and work hard on your weaknesses and automatically you will be well equipped to ace the test.
Overall, 78% of the questions are multiple-choice and the rest are grid – ins. Don’t let grid – ins intimidate you, the best strategy to master them is to treat and practice all the questions as though they come with no answer options, that way you can be super confident of your answers to both multiple-choice and grid- ins on the SAT. 
Michelle came across as a strategic planner who planned everything in advance and would stick to the plan however when it came to the SAT her plan didn’t seem to work well as simultaneous preparations for school exams and the SAT left her disoriented. 
That’s when she decided to consult an educationalist to seek assistance in decluttering her disoriented study plan. From getting a score of Math580 in the first practice test to Math800 in the final SAT and achieving AAA* in her A levels, Michelle worked her way through to get it all.
What is it that brought Michelle right back on track? Do you seem to be sailing in the same boat as Michelle? 
SAT Master Class
We present the plan of action, that has proven to be the golden protocol to improve thousands of SAT students’ Math scores, on an exclusively designed online SAT Math Master Class that has been designed by expert math enthusiasts at Brighter Prep. The Online Master Class will help you to
1) Familiarize different types of questions on the test.
2) Strategize to answer all questions within a section under stipulated time.
3) With tips and tricks to reduce the number of steps in questions involving complex calculations.
4) Realize that some of the concepts are not that hard just because they were in school.
5) Master the process of eliminating incorrect and obvious answers.
6) Role of practice tests, why taking 4 to 6 practice tests in a week won’t benefit as much as taking 4 to 6 practice tests in a month does?
How do I register for the webinar?
By the end of the online SAT Math Master Class, you will be familiar with
• Different types of questions on the test.
• Best ways to prep for the SAT to combat the test day stress.
• The strategies to answer harder questions.
• Importance of practice tests and how to use it as a tool to enhance your score.
• The kind of questions that should be targeted first within a section.
• Skipping questions early as an effective time management strategy in your SAT prep.


Speaker - Sithick Mohammed

Sithick Mohammed
Quant Instructor - JLT | Brighter Education Group
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