How to build a Strong College Profile

How to build a Strong College Profile

Profile Building

When you want to bag an admission from your dream university, how far do you go to make your profile worthy of being considered among the plethora of aspirants applying with you? 

Is it all about academics? 
Should you be participating in extra-curricular activities to strengthen your profile?
What is the right recipe for a strong profile?

Students often have their apprehensions while applying to their desired universities, and might even be plagued with questions aplenty about how far they should go to make a good impression. Being caught up in several activities and studying for countless hours, isn’t making this task any easier. 

But what we have for students, just might. 
To rid them of being perplexed, GoTo University has curated a webinar that especially addresses students’ concerns regarding the recipe for a winning profile that fulfils all the university requirements. 

Whom is it for: Undergraduate students who are keen on studying/ working/ settling down abroad?

What’s it about: The webinar will address questions including:

  • What is a student profile? 
  • Importance of good academic scores 
  • Weightage of extracurricular in your profile 
  • Balancing academics and co-curricular activities
  • Writing college essays
  • Importance of teamwork and interpersonal skills for admissions
  • How to give 'an extra edge' to your application 

To begin with, here’s a mix of what an exceptional profile consists of:

  • Academics
  • Leadership 
  • Internship 
  • Online Courses
  • Hobbies (Creative)
  • Entrepreneurship 

To know how to balance out the mix and the weightage of each element, make sure you join us for the webinar and seek the right guidance to your dream university. Register Now!


Speaker - Adwait

When Adwait set out to pursue a Masters degree in the UK, without any external guidance, he noticed the gaps between students and foreign education that needed to be filled. Inspired to lead students in the right direction, Adwait ventured into Career Guidance and Counseling, and through his 7 year tenure he has trained and guided over 1000 students. Passionate about all things sports and series, Adwait is an ardent fan of Arsenal and The Joker and spends most of his spare time watching football, cricket, Batman movies, and stand up comedy. When he isn't, he's probably doing some research to keep abreast of the new career options and courses out there. He brings to the table ample expertise and aspires to 'put a smile on that face' by helping students realise their goals and follow their passion. He hopes for a world where education is accessible and affordable for all.



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