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Foundation Programs in STEM

Your ticket to Success: Foundation Programs in STEM
Foundation programs are fast catching up as an attractive option for students who, for lack of required grades for a university course, or not meeting the English language requirement, fail to seek admission to the first year of undergrad or master’s programs in foreign universities. The foundation programs help bridge the gap between the present academic and language ability of the student to what is needed to become a regular student in a full-time course. Often these programs are underrated for their potential to really benefit the students in realizing their study abroad dreams, and many myths and misunderstandings about them abound in the minds of people. This article thus aims to bust the common myths and enumerate the correct details related to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Foundation Courses since STEM education is a popular choice for many students and their families.  

 To begin with, one can consider a Foundation Program as the platform that helps build learning skills, makes students aware of the approaches in preparation for higher education, and equips them with the skills and attributes required for degree-level study. For students pursuing the British curriculum, the Foundation Program is the alternative for their high schools or A levels. The program helps them focus on the core subjects with no additional subjects for the university degree. For example, if a student wants to do an engineering degree the Foundation Program will strongly focus on teaching him subjects that support his engineering goals, thus improving his knowledge of the intended subject for his actual degree. Through a typical Foundation Program, a student has the option to choose from a range of universities for entering the first year of bachelor’s education.

 The typical subjects covered under STEM-related Foundation Programs range from Astronomy, Genetics, Geological and Earth Sciences, Architectural Drafting, Military Technologies, Quality Control and Safety Technologies, Surveying Technology, Industrial Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Actuarial Science, to Management Information Systems and many more. These are thus professionally oriented and lead students to some of the much sought-after bachelor's or master’s degrees. 

The duration of the STEM Foundation Programs is generally between three months to a year. The method of instruction includes group teaching, individual mentoring, projects, and assessments to make sure the student is progressing well in the program. Experienced faculty help the students navigate the delicate path of becoming eligible towards seeking a successful admission to the university and course of their choice at the end of the Foundation year.   These courses have multiple entry points and batches start typically in the months of January, March, July, and August. The course fee for STEM Foundation Programs ranges from 50,000 to 90,000 AED.

Within the tough competition for seeking successful admission into one’s dream university, Foundation Programs are the new game-changer for students who want to focus on their STEM interests and related career goals. Brighter Prep is a leading name in the field of preparing students through Foundation Programs. To know more and have a one to one conversation with a trained counselor, please contact Sakshat Kohli at 


Speaker - Sakshat Kohli

Sakshat has done educational counseling for a broad range of students starting from undergraduate students who are initiating their career, postgraduate students who are looking for specialization after their bachelor’s degrees for more than 4 years. He has done successful recruitment for various countries like Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand, Europe, etc. Universities including, Bristol, Glasgow, York, Dalhousie, Windsor, Wilfred laurel, University of California Irvine, California State University Los Angles, Arizona State University, St. George university, University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Otago, and many more.


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