Free IELTS Writing Tips and Tricks

What is a Masterclass?
BrighterPrep has helped thousands of immigrants and students to achieve their desired IELTS bands since its inception. Our next step in this successful journey is our free Masterclass. It is fully online to support those who do not have enough time to commute or prefer to be in the safety of their homes. 

The purpose of the Masterclass is to help you make an informed decision by familiarizing you with IELTS and the type of preparation required for it. Our IELTS Masterclass lasts only an hour where our expert IELTS trainers will answer your questions regarding the test and your suitability. 

Who can join?
BrighterPrep Masterclass is for professionals, students, their parents, and anyone who wants to know more about IELTS for any purpose. 

What will you learn?

  1. English language levels and how they relate to IELTS bands
  2. The structure of the test
  3. Strategy for preparation
  4. Quick tips and demo for each of the modules (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)
  5. The answers to any questions asked by you 

Benefits of the Masterclass

  • Assessing your strengths and test’s requirements
  • Determining whether to go for computer-delivered or paper-based IELTS
  • Learning the assessment criteria for writing and speaking

Experiencing the test 
Our IELTS Masterclass is modular in that we will cover one module each week, so you can either take all the modules in four weeks or only take the ones that you think you need to know more about. 

IELTS Writing

  • Writing process
  • Band descriptors
  • Differences between general and academic writing tests
  • Sources to improve grammar and punctuation


Speaker - Arijit Thakur

Qualification: BA (English Language and Literature), MBA
Experience: 8 years
Interest: Reading all kinds of stuff, interacting with people from a different background, travelling offbeat, painting, sculpting, and football Overall: GMAT 730, TESOL certified by the American TESOL Institute.

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