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How to build a strong college profile

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How to build a strong college profile

Crafting Your Path: Unlocking the Secrets to Building a Strong College Profile.

When you want to secure admission to top universities, how do you make your profile stand out? Is it all about academics? Do extracurricular activities matter? What falls under extracurricular activities? What's the right recipe for a strong profile? How to balance Academics and Extracurricular Activities? and more
This webinar is designed to guide you through creating a compelling profile that not only reflects your academic achievements but also showcases your unique strengths and passions.
Join us if you're on the journey toward your dream university and want to learn how to stand out in the application pool.

Know About Our Speaker

Anuja Niroula

Admissions Consultant

Anuja is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Information Systems, and holds a Master’s and Bachelor of Business Administration. These degrees have equipped her with a solid foundation in business, information systems, research, and analytics, which she can apply to guide students in making informed decisions about their study abroad options. Her valuable experience working in INGO and universities in the USA has honed her cross-cultural competence, communication, organizational skills, and relationship building which are crucial in the role of a consultant. She has extensive experience working with students of varying age groups, backgrounds, and abilities, including those with learning differences and special needs. In addition to that, she is also familiar with a wide range of educational platforms, software, tools, student assessment software, and virtual collaboration platforms.

She has actively engaged in extracurricular activities and initiatives related to education and social impact. These experiences have allowed her to develop strong mentoring, teaching, advising, and interpersonal skills.


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