How to score high in UCAT AR

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How to score high in UCAT AR

What is UCAT?

The University Clinical Aptitude Test is a standardized test that measures your critical thinking and logical reasoning skills through multiple question formats. Your aptitude is tested in the following sections:

Decision Making (DM)

The Decision Making section on the test is designed to measure your capability to fuse visual and textual information to make an effective decision under time pressure.  In this section, 29 questions to be answered in 31 minutes with approximately a minute per question. Questions are tested across 6 different formats, that include

  1. Logical Puzzles
  2. Syllogisms
  3. Interpreting Information
  4. Recognising assumptions
  5. Venn Diagrams
  6. Probabilistic Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning (QR)

The Quantitative Reasoning section on the UCAT is designed purely to measure your numerical skills. Either you see a set of four questions that share the same data or standalone questions. Most of the data in these questions is presented either in a tabular format or numerical format. In this section, 36 questions to be answered in 24 minutes with 40 seconds per question. A basic online calculator will be available for both Decision Making and Quantitative Reasoning sections.      
Abstract Reasoning (AR)

The Abstract Reasoning section makes the UCAT all the more interesting and intimidating due to its unique patterned questions designed to analyze your ability to identify and ignore relevant and irrelevant patterns respectively. By far, this section is considered to be the most challenging on the test as it presents 55 questions to be answered in 13 minutes which implies 14 seconds per question. 
Carrey had brilliant academic grades and naturally took the UCAT to be of the same standard as the school academics. Taking the same path that she took to achieve her grades in school didn’t seem to improve her scores and was disappointed in spite of putting in the efforts. She was delighted when she was introduced to a platform that helped her understand the nuances of the test and improved her scores gradually. From an average mid 500’s in her first practice test to mid 800’s on her final test in QR, DM and AR were unstoppable. What did she learn on that platform to achieve the score that she thought would never be possible? 


UCAT Master Class.

We have decoded the path that will take you to an incredible UCAT score. Come join us in an exclusive Online UCAT Master Class designed by UCAT Gurus to help you with every detail that plays a major role while you prep for the test. The Online Master Class will help you

  • Familiarize different types of questions on the test.
  • Strategize to answer all questions within a section under stipulated time.
  • With tips and tricks to reduce the number of steps in questions involving complex calculations.
  • Accustom to the web simulated calculator.
  • Develop effective ways to prep and build a pattern library to ace the AR section.
  • Acquaint to the testing tools for better performance on the day of the test. 
  • Master the process of eliminating incorrect and obvious answers.

How do I register for the webinar?


By the end of the online UCAT Aptitude Master Class, you will be familiar with

  1. Different types of questions on the test.
  2. Best ways to prep for the UCAT to combat the test day stress.
  3. The strategies to answer certain question types to enhance your score.
  4. Importance of practice tests and how to use it as a tool to work on your weaknesses.
  5. How to make the most out of forwarding and backward navigation within a section.
  6. Advantage of using a computer keyboard and many other details.


Speaker - Sithick Mohammed

Sithick Mohammed
Quant Instructor - JLT | Brighter Education Group
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