IB Vs A Levels Vs American Curriculum

A level vs IB Curriculum.

In A levels students can select up to 4 subjects with an option to drop 3 subjects in year 13, However, in IB, Students ave to select 6 Subjects with English, mathematics, science, and Humanities as a mandatory subject.
IB conducts 1 sitting exam for all subjects at the end of year 13, However for A levels, module exams are conducted at the end of year 12, and students can rewrite the exam during the 13th year.
In A levels, students have an option to drop 1 subject after year 12, however, for IB students, they have to complete all 6 courses for earning a degree.

With the above, both A levels and IB curriculum are internationally recognized and are accepted by top-ranking universities and colleges

More Similarities & Differences about A levels, IB and American.

Sixth form, commonly called A-Levels, are the most critical years for high school students as it is the first step in deep learning of subjects that you will pursue in university and likely progress into careers as well. While applying to colleges worldwide, the grades you achieve in AS & A Levels will always hold the most precedent for admissions officers in evaluating a student's academic abilities.

This Webinar is planned for students who have cleared grade 10 (or Year 11) from any curriculum (IGCSE/ICSE/CBSE or MYP) and are progressing into A-Levels in September 2020. We aim to equip students with the information needed to pick correct subjects for their further studies, create and execute study plans, and make effective use of the Pre A-Levels Summer Break. We will also spend time discussing how students can opt for additional subjects to enhance their profiles and keep multiple career paths open while applying to universities. 

With many different boards offering AS & A Level subjects like Pearson Edexcel, Cambridge Assessments (CAIE), AQA and OCR, students and parents will gain a better understanding of the different syllabuses, specifications & grading systems available. Students who opt to take their entire A-Levels or some subjects as a Private Candidate can learn more about the options and routes most suitable to them. 

In this Webinar, you will get a chance to interact with an industry expert, who has spent the last 10 years coaching students from British & IB Curricula. The Webinar will also give you a peek into how Ignite prepares its students to secure top grades in A Levels. We shall share more information about our Summer Break and Annual Learning Programs that have been successfully supporting students in STEM subjects for the last 6 years. 

Webinar Topic: Understanding more about IB, British and American Curriculums

Making Subject Choices for High School
Exploring HomeSchooling as an Option

Speaker : Mohnish Ahuja, Co - Founder & Head of Academics (Ignite Training Institute) 

Host : Sumit Advani (Co - Founder, Ignite)

On : Monday, 15th June

At : 6:30PM GST

Interested in learning more about popular international curriculums offered across schools in UAE? Join us for a Live Webinar and interact with the Co-Founders of Ignite Training Institute to get all your queries answered!


Speaker - Sumit Advani

With a degree in Science (IT), from the Mumbai University, India, Sumit has also pursued a diploma in advertising and public relations. His experience with Prepzone, Dubai has empowered him with the kind of experience that can easily form the backbone of any classroom and e-educational initiative. He brings with him tremendous expertise in designing and implementing varied solutions for the education sector and has been integral in customizing academic learning programs that align with students needs and goals, specifically from international schools in UAE. 
He possesses the right qualification and organizational capability for managing the personal and infrastructural needs of students and faculty at Ignite Training Institute. The centre has been planned under his leadership and bear testimony to this fact.

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