Study Medicine in Ireland

Medicine being the most lucrative and sought-after career options has become very popular in recent years and also its demand is increasing day by day .....


Expert - Varun Jain

    Tuesday November 17, 2020     05:00 PM GST
    60 Mins.     558

    Day 2 of MMI Week - Flaws and Fortes as a future doctor

    Day 2 of MMI Week -Flaws and Fortes as a future doctor. .....


    Expert - Anoushka Bucktowar

      Tuesday November 17, 2020     07:00 PM GST
      30 Mins.     286

      Enhance your college profile

      Extracurriculars are a central, and often misunderstood part of your college profile. It must be novel, consistent, with a strong character arch, and .....


      Expert - Varun Jain

        Wednesday November 18, 2020     06:00 PM GST
        60 Mins.     476

        Day 3 of MMI Week - Lets talk about Volunteering and work experience

        Day 3 of MMI Week-Let's talk about. Volunteering and work experience. .....


        Expert - Nisharthika

          Wednesday November 18, 2020     07:00 PM GST
          30 Mins.     350

          Day 4 of MMI Week - Navigating the sea of ethics

          Day 4 of MMI Week- Navigating the sea of ethics .....


          Expert - Pavithra Sakthivel

            Thursday November 19, 2020     05:00 PM GST
            30 Mins.     213

            Study and Immigrate to Canada

            Canada has become a top destination to study for international students as it offers various benefits to international students and one of them is hig .....


            Expert - Varun Jain

              Saturday November 21, 2020     05:00 PM GST
              60 Mins.     592

              Everything you need to know about medicine oriented MMI

              There are some medical conditions you should definitely know about for your MMI's and panel interviews, in this webinar you would learn about: .....


              Expert - Sayan Biswas

                Friday December 04, 2020     07:00 PM GST
                60 Mins.     2905

                Study at a top arts university in the UK with Leeds Arts University

                Leeds Arts University is the only specialist arts university in the North of England. The University has roots dating back to 1846 and the original Le .....


                Expert - Becky Owen

                  Saturday December 05, 2020     05:00 PM GST
                  60 Mins.     29551

                  So you wanna improve your College Profile?

                  He is hiring for his dream project " Tutoring Junction". .....


                  Expert - Varun Jain

                    Saturday December 26, 2020     12:00 PM GST
                    60 Mins.     541

                    IB Vs A Levels Vs American Curriculum

                    Confused about which curriculum best suits your children, attend our free webinar which discusses in detail about the pros and cons of A levels, IB, a .....


                    Expert - Sumit Advani

                      Saturday January 16, 2021     05:00 PM GST
                      60 Mins.     10113

                      Spotlight on Emergency Medicine

                      Ever wondered what’s it like to practice emergency medicine? Dr. John Madden, MD SGU ’81 will unveil what life is like in emergency medicine in th .....


                      Expert - Dr John Madden

                        Saturday January 23, 2021     05:00 PM GST
                        60 Mins.     782

                        Tips for successful student visas to Canada, Ireland and UK

                        There are thousands of students who apply for their higher education in the overseas destination as it offers an opportunity to explore the endless ca .....


                        Expert - Varun Iyer

                          Monday January 25, 2021     05:00 PM GST
                          60 Mins.     679

                          Study in the UK at the University of Central Lancashire

                          Study in the UK at the University of Central Lancashire .....


                          Expert - Jill Palmer

                            Saturday January 30, 2021     05:00 PM GST
                            60 Mins.     712

                            How do homeschoolers get into top colleges?

                            Attend the live session and get to know how a homeschooler can land into a top college around the globe. .....


                            Expert - Sumit Advani

                              Sunday February 28, 2021     05:30 PM GST
                              60 Mins.     1607

                              Advantages of Studying master at business schools in Germany

                              GISMA Business School was launched in 1999 as an initiative by the then prime-minister Gerhard Schröder, in a joint initiative with the state of Lowe .....


                              Expert - Rishi Kumar

                                Saturday March 13, 2021     05:00 PM GST
                                60 Mins.     360
                                University for the Creative Arts


                                Berlin School of Business and Innovation


                                Study in Toronto School of Management


                                University Canada West


                                St. George's University School Of Medicine