Med-Camp with UCLAN

Med-Camp with UCLAN

Evidence-Based Medicine and the Biopsychosocial Model of Health
Using Type 2 Diabetes as a case study we will explore the social and psychological factors that influence biological functioning and play an important role in health and illness. The aim of this session is to introduce you to the concept of Evidence Based Medicine and discover how clinicians combine their expert knowledge with the best available research evidence to provide quality care for their patients.
The module lectures focus very much on the increasing importance of the evidence-based and holistic approach to the treatment of patients as evidenced by the current NHS focus on Social Prescribing. My experience is that when students join us in the 1st Year of the course they have a good knowledge of Science but have not necessarily considered that studying Medicine will encompass much more than simply building on their existing science knowledge and acquiring clinical skills. The aim for my presentation is to get the students to think about nonbiological factors so that it will enrich their understanding of Diabetes and by doing this it will give them another aspect of Medicine to talk about in any interviews they may have. I haven’t written a bio before for this type of thing so please let me know if you recommend any edits. I am not a doctor - my background is in the study of Psychology.


Speaker - Bridget Gardner

An educationalist with a background in the study of Psychology, Bridget joined UCLan’s Medical school in 2016. Prior to this she spent 10 years in International Education and led a Medical Foundation program. As a lecturer on the Evidence-Based Medicine Module, Bridget guides Year 2 MBBS students through a research project focusing on chronic conditions and the important role that social and psychological factors play in the management of patients. She is an advocate of Evidence-Based Medicine and Social Prescribing. Bridget is the Assessment Lead for the School of Medicine and has recently had a research paper published looking at how pass marks for Medical exams are set.

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