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Online GMAT Quant Master Class

What is GMAT?

 Graduate Management Admission Test – One of the most sought-after standardized tests to showcase your academic competence to your dream B-schools. On the Quant section of the GMAT, knowing the concept alone cannot get you to the right answer – What? You understood it, right. You ought to get the logic of the question to get to the right answer. The section’s raw score ranges from 6 to 51 and contributes to the total score out of 800. In this section, 31 questions to be answered in 62 minutes with two minutes per question.

The quantitative reasoning ability is tested across two question formats:

  • Problem Solving
  • Data Sufficiency 

You may encounter around 17 to 18 questions from problem solving and 13 to 14 questions from data sufficiency on the test. 

The concepts on the GMAT Quant are tested from

  1. Arithmetic
  2. Algebra
  3. Geometry
  4. Descriptive Statistics

GMAT Math is so hard, I don’t seem to understand anything. Ugh! Victor resented after two weeks of self-preparation with random GMAT resources. After an hour long of persuasion, Victor decided to get the feel of the test before judging it too harsh. The first reaction after the diagnostic test (Q31 and V25) - I actually did better in quant than verbal. He was amused. And from there on a fantastic journey began for Victor along the way he achieved a score of Q49 and V41 on the actual test and he also made it to his dream B-school. What helped him achieve his goals? Took the right step at the right time. Indeed!
No matter the number of facts and the amount of information you have in hand, you just don’t feel prepared enough to take the test. 700+ questions are still a hurdle for you. It’s time for you to sharpen your skills and get that pace to move ahead while answering harder questions on the GMAT.

To know-how, come join us in an exclusive Online GMAT Master Class designed to help you achieve those last few points that have been seeming impossible for a while.

GMAT Master Class.

We are so proud to call ourselves GMAT Junkies. Our fondness for the GMAT has actually made us more than just an acquaintance with the test. At Brighter Prep, to ace the GMAT, we devise, implement, and revise the strategies as per the changing pattern and trend on the GMAT.  We are glad to present, what has worked for thousands of Victors at Brighter Prep, to you in our exclusively designed Online GMAT Quant Master Class. 
The Online GMAT Quant Master Class Webinar revolves around:


  • Busting the most popular GMAT myths.
  • How to kick start your GMAT prep?
  • How time management narrows down to everything on the test?
  • Gaming v/s GMAT
  • How your curiosity can help you answer data sufficiency questions effectively?
  • How everyday mathematics forms the foundation of the GMAT Quant?

How do I register for the GMAT webinar?


By the end of the Online GMAT Quant Master Class, you will be familiar with

  • Different types of questions on the test.
  • Best ways to prep for the GMAT to combat the test day stress.
  • The strategies to answer harder questions under two minutes.
  • Nuances of the test.
  • Ways to cultivate new habits that resonate with the GMAT Quant.


Speaker - Asha Venkateshmurthy

Asha Venkateshmurthy is an Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate. She trains students to ace the quantitative reasoning section of the SAT, ACT, UKCAT, GRE, and GMAT standardized tests. She is an enthusiastic and committed educator who hones the skills of inspiring students to chase their dreams. She has in the past worked with the leading test prep organizations of India, The Princeton Review, and Manhattan Review. Now, with over 8 years of experience, she integrates multiple skills to deliver a holistic approach to her students’ learning process. Over thousands of students trained have been placed in the universities all over the globe, a few universities among them are INSEAD, ISB, ESADE, MIT, Rotterdam, UTA, Penn State, TU Delft, and Northeastern University. Numerous scores around 99th percentile achieved by her students, add a golden feather to her crown of expertise in the field, and makes her the most sought-after trainer.

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St. George's University School Of Medicine


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