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GRE Quantitative Reasoning Section

The Quantitative Reasoning section on the GRE comes with mostly straightforward questions – you know the concept; you get the right answer – Just perfect! If your feeling is, my thoughts just fade out when I dive deep into numbers, then GRE is the test to consider. The Multi-Stage nature of the test adapts the test section wise. Your performance in the first section decides the level of difficulty for the second section. Smarter you prove in the first section harder the questions get in the second section in turn the overall performance on the test will be enhanced. The section’s score ranges from 130 to 170 with two quant sections that include 20 questions each with 35 minutes per section.

The quantitative reasoning ability is tested across four types of questions

1) Quantitative Comparison
2) Multiple-choice Questions – Select One Answer Choice
3) Multiple-choice Questions – Select One or More Answer Choices
4) Numeric Entry Questions

The concepts on the GRE are tested from

  1. ArithmeticAlgebra
  2. Geometry
  3. Data Analysis

I dislike Math! That’s what Ryan’s first statement was when I met him for the first time, a GRE aspirant. From not liking Math with a score of Q142 in the diagnostic test to loving math with a whopping score of Q169 in the final test, Ryan has endeared his journey. If Ryan can do it, you can too. What is it that Ryan did differently to achieve this score? 

Online GRE Quant Master Class

After years of research, a set of passionate instructors of Brighter Prep deciphered the golden rules to succeed on a mind-boggling psychometric test – GRE. Our exclusive GRE Online Master Class is designed to support your preparation by sharing those deciphered rules on an interesting online digital webinar, the same rules that guided Ryan to the score that seemed impossible. 
The following points will be discussed in detail in our Online GRE Master Class as these points and strategies have helped innumerous students to prep for the GRE to perform their best on the test:

  • How to build on your strengths and weaknesses? 
  • What strategies to implement to get the most out of the physical scratch paper?
  • What are the ways to develop effective time management skills without compromising the accuracy? 
  • How the effective use of test tools on the day of the test can help you achieve your targeted score?
  • What’s the actual role of the online calculator on the test?

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By the end of the Online GRE Quant Master Class, you will be familiar with

  • Different types of questions on the test.
  • Best ways to prep for the GRE to combat the test day stress.
  • The strategies to answer harder questions under 105 seconds.
  • Setting-up of the scratch paper to maximize the number of correct responses within a section.
  • The testing tools that play a major role on the day of the test. 


Speaker - Asha Venkateshmurthy

Asha Venkateshmurthy is an Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate. She trains students to ace the quantitative reasoning section of the SAT, ACT, UKCAT, GRE, and GMAT standardized tests. She is an enthusiastic and committed educator who hones the skills of inspiring students to chase their dreams. She has in the past worked with the leading test prep organizations of India, The Princeton Review, and Manhattan Review. Now, with over 8 years of experience, she integrates multiple skills to deliver a holistic approach to her students’ learning process. Over thousands of students trained have been placed in the universities all over the globe, a few universities among them are INSEAD, ISB, ESADE, MIT, Rotterdam, UTA, Penn State, TU Delft, and Northeastern University. Numerous scores around 99th percentile achieved by her students, add a golden feather to her crown of expertise in the field, and makes her the most sought-after trainer.

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