Online GRE Verbal Master Classes

In our online GRE Verbal Masterclasses, we help you to improve your scores on the verbal section by training you on the proven strategies. Do you know only 1000 test-takers score 165 plus in the verbal section on the test day annually?

These students not only score high on the GRE but also secure admissions in top universities. What do they do differently? There are 4 things which they do separately from others on the test day and score high.

Critical Thinking: It is easy to read a question but what is critical thinking? How do you apply it on the test day?
Create a Pragmatic Study Plan.
Fixing issues by identifying the issues in weaker areas.
Pattern Recognition

Topics covered in our Online GRE Verbal Masterclasses

Sentence Completion: We train on the most important patterns that help students to score high even if they don’t know the passive words in the answer options.
Reading Comprehension: How to prepare the passage map and use the map to improve accuracy.
Critical Reasoning: As part of the training objective, we train students to think critically so that they score well in this section.
What is GRE?
GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination which is administered by ETS. This test measures your ability in the Verbal Reasoning Sections, Quantitative Reasoning Sections and Analytical Writing Assessment. It is a mandatory assessment test that acts like a gateway for your University admissions. Hence scoring high on the test is a mandate as it improves your chances of securing admission and availing a scholarship if required.

Verbal Reasoning section :

Most students realised the importance of this section as it acts as a hindrance in the test. I am sure even you would like to cross this barrier and score high. You must be aware that there are two scored sections with 20 questions each to be answered in 30 minutes per section. One must know that there are two major areas in each section that is being tested and they are vocabulary-based questions and reading comprehension questions. The strategies to improve these areas will be discussed in the Masterclasses.


Speaker - Suresh Daniel

Suresh has 19 years of experience in teaching students from diverse backgrounds. He is an intelligible verbal faculty and able to effectively communicate with students from diverse backgrounds or varying degrees of ability. An ardent and diligent professional with a proven ability to teach, motivate and direct students to maximise performance in reasoning tests. He is a Kaplan Certified Professional for GMAT, GRE, and SAT tests.

He worked as a  Lead  Mentor with more than a decade of experience in the test prep industry . He worked with leading test prep companies and have assisted many students in their B School test Preparation. He is a Gold Medalist in English essay writing and he uses this acumen in mentoring students for their essay preparation. He is very passionate towards mentoring students with a pragmatic approach on all of the psychometric tests in Verbal Reasoning.

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