Online UCAT Verbal Master Classes

Online UCAT Verbal Master Classes

UCAT- your gateway to Medicine in the UK.

The decision to pursue Medicine is a lifelong commitment, and once the choice has been made there is no turning back. As you are aware there are many milestones to achieve before you can gain acceptance into the top Universities. Most of them require you to complete a standardized entrance exam. UCAT: University Clinical Aptitude Test is a standardized test assessing your numeracy, literacy, and critical thinking abilities. If you aspire to study Medicine or Dentistry in the UK, AUS, or NZ, acing this test is mandatory.

What is UCAT?

The 2-hour computer-based test consists of 5 divisions, namely: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Decision Making, and Situational Judgment. Each section tests you on multiple abilities. The first four sections are scored on a scale ranging from 300 to 900, bringing the total to 3600, while the Situational Judgment is scored using a band scale of 1-4, with 1 being the highest.

UCAT Verbal Master Class:

This session is designed to help you learn the tips and strategies to become adept at answering questions within the shortest time frame. The verbal class includes suggestions aimed at helping you to excel in VR and SJ.

Verbal Reasoning:

The first section of the test (and often considered easy by most students initially) is one of the most challenging to score well in. Testing your ability to speed read, comprehend, analyze, and infer information within a very short time span, is one of the most dreaded sections. It presents you with 44 questions from 11 passages of varied content ranging from history to physical sciences and has the most variety of questions. The biggest challenge is: How will you answer 44 questions accurately in 21 minutes? There is only one way to know. Attend the master class!

Situational Judgment:

The last and perhaps one of the most interesting and novel sections provides you with different scenarios and assesses your ability to rate the appropriateness of a response or the importance of a factor and the extent to which it might affect your reaction. In this section, time is not your enemy but the morals that we are bound by could cloud our judgment. It becomes essential to train your mind to think and act as a professional would.

Why Brighterprep?

Having trained students from across the globe for over 8 years now, Brighterprep is a name to reckon with in the educational industry. Trained experts work diligently to provide you the right tools to crack the exam and accelerate your preparation. The customized lesson plans allow each student to maximize the opportunities available and excel in their performance. We understand your need for flexibility and provide premier one-to-one tutoring sessions as well as group sessions to meet your specific learning style. The classes focus on the strategies that need to be applied as well as the much-needed practice. 

Topics covered in the online Verbal Master class:

  1. Details of Verbal Reasoning and Situational Judgment sections
  2. Question types
  3. The practice followed by a review


As you can see, we have no time to lose, so get started today with our free online master session to get a whiff of what to expect in the regular classes. To quote the famous philosopher Lao-Tzu,” The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. “ So take your first step today!


UCAT Test Structure


Mins Allotted


Score Range





















UCAT Total score range 1200-3600

Important Dates for the Year 2020

1 July 2020

Registration opens

3 August 2020

Testing begins

17 September 2020

Registration closes

Web booking closes

30 September 2020

Final booking deadline (for registered candidates)

1 October 2020

Last testing date

15 October 2020

UCAS application deadline

Early November 2020

Results delivered to universities


















UCAT fee in 2020:
Fee in the UK or Europe :£120
Fee outside Europe  :  £75



Speaker - Vineet Nanda

Vineet Nanda has 11 Years of Experience in Delivering Verbal Ability & Communication-related Training on All Study Abroad Programs. His areas of specialization are GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, UCAT,  LNAT, IELTS, TOEFL & PTE.

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