Roadmap to a top B School

Entering a corporate world can be competitive with full of challenges. This is why an MBA could be very useful as it can arm you with the necessary tools to tackle tough business decisions strategically and analytically.

For decades America has been a primary MBA market successfully attracting some of the brightest minds from across the world to pursue this programme and upgrade their knowledge and skills to become worthy for the senior management roles or to start their own ventures. Fast forward to 2020 B-Schools like INSEAD, LBS and HEC Paris have done well to gain popularity among working professionals in offering great options to those looking for a location other than the USA.


Top MBA Schools -

1. Harvard Business School (HBS) - USA

2. Stanford Business School - USA

3. Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania) - USA

4. Kelloggs Business School (Northwestern University) - USA

5. Columbia Business School (Columbia University) - USA

6. London Business School - UK

7. Said Business School (Oxford University) - UK

8. Judge Business School (Cambridge University) - UK

9. Imperial Business School (Imperial College London) - UK

10. Sauder Business School (University of British Columbia) - Canada

11. Rotman Business School (University of Toronto) - Canada

12. Schulich Business School (York University) - Canada

13. INSEAD - France

14. HEC Paris - France

15. IMD Business School - Switzerland

16. SDA Bocconi School of Management - Italy

17. Mannheim Business School - Germany

18. ESADE Business School - Spain

19. IESE Business School - Spain

20. NUS Business School - Singapore


What makes these b-schools popular - there are several reasons for the popularity of these schools like the world-class education, location, reputation of being the best, attracting big brands to their campus, and so on. Well, whatever the reasons are, in one of the surveys done with the MBA applicants to find out their rationale behind choosing a particular school. Toping the list was the desire to acquiring new skills and global perspective, then was the better job prospects and career switch, followed by the networking opportunities and advancement in the same industry, salary hike and last was the ability to make a positive difference in the society.


Course & Cost details - Most of the MBA programmes focus on general management with concentration areas being the marketing & sales, finance, leadership studies, innovation, entrepreneurship and operations. Though the return on investment is big, tuition cost alone can vary anywhere between 40,000 to 75,000 USD on a yearly basis.


Admission details - most of these programmes look for similar requirements with the most important being the GMAT score, GPA, work experience, essays, recommendation letters and extra-curricular activities. A top school looks for a balanced profile with an average GMAT score ranging between 650-735, average GPA 3.50, work experience 3-6 years, impressive recommendation letters from the boss/clients or the professors and well-crafted essay. 

A strong GMAT and GRE are definitely an advantage but not a sure shot to an offer letter, so a student has to be well researched and spend considerable time on perfecting his application components.


Webinar Details - 


Who should attend the webinar - recent college graduates, professionals with some experience wanting to assume senior management roles or having a desire to work with big brands out there in consulting, finance, technology or retail industry.


What the attendees can expect - 

- Why does MBA hold so much value?

- Should you pursue an MBA at all?

- Top universities and countries for pursuing the MBA

- Which factors to consider while choosing the b-school?

- Preparing the application

- How much is the right GMAT score?

- Approaching the essays

- Interview


Additional benefits

- Profile evaluation

- Free counselling

- Tailored packages 


Speaker - Nishant Jha

As a senior consultant, Nishant has been guiding students for the top to mid-ranked universities in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe for programs in Business, Engineering, Medicine, Arts, and Liberal Arts. His students have been accepted at the Ivy League Dartmouth University; Michigan Ann Arbor, Georgia Tech, UIUC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Wisconsin Madison, NYU and other top institutions in the US; Cambridge, Imperial, UCL in the UK; University of Toronto, UBC, McGill, and other institutions in Canada. He is an MBA degree holder and has 6+ years in the education industry with 4 years in International education. With a diverse profile and experience, and excellent command over the English language, Nishant finds it at ease to deal with international students, and portray their profile to the university in a professional manner. He has dedicated his career to helping students make the right decision regarding the future.

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