Roadmap to study medicine in the UK

Roadmap to study medicine in the UK

The webinar covers everything you need to do to get into a medical college in the UK. Attend the webinar and get to know about

  • Admission Requirements to study medicine in the UK
  • Steps for Admissions to study medicine in the UK
  • Academic Criteria to study medicine in the UK
  • Scholarship Opportunities in the UK
  • Post Study Job Opportunities


Speaker - Nishant Jha

Nishant has been in the education industry since 2011, he comes with rich experience in guiding students from various backgrounds and age groups. He has counselled thousands of students ranging from high school students to MBA aspirants with professional backgrounds. His expertise lies in various countries starting from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and other European countries. He keeps his counselling sessions very interactive with students by giving them enough opportunities to speak and express themselves. He believes one should not strive for a top but a right fit with respect to a university. His students' are graduates or current students of universities like Cornell, UC Berkeley, Columbia, UC Los Angeles, Oxford University, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, University of Toronto, University British Columbia, McGill, Trinity College London and the list goes on. 
His students are doing a variety of courses like engineering, sciences, business courses, liberal arts studies, medicine, and humanities. Its a testimony of his knowledge of various courses offered at the universities, their application process and career opportunities

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