Using a Holistic Approach for Complex Problems at IDCE

Using a Holistic Approach for Complex Problems at IDCE

IDCE takes a holistic, collaborative approach that is problem-centered and cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

In this Webinar, we share examples of the way we teach about climate change, health equity, and refugees through our interdisciplinary curriculum. We also describe career outcomes for our global alumni driving meaningful change in the world.

Ed Carr, Director: What is IDCE? 
Morgan Ruelle: Engaging communities for climate change
Ellen Foley: Health equity as a cross-cutting issue
Anita Fabos: Refugees and home-making--from displacement to development
Sharon Hanna: IDCE alumni—bridging boundaries for change


Speaker - Cole Closser

I am originally a Midwesterner as I was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. From the Midwest, I headed to the South where I attended the University of South Carolina and received my bachelor's in Finance and Management. After living in the Carolinas for a few years and working in the business world, I decided to take a different career path. I moved to Thailand to teach English to students of all ages. After being in Thailand for a while I moved to Madrid to continue teaching ESL. From Spain I moved to Worcester, making it my home. I have spent the past few years eating my way through all of the great new restaurants that keep popping up. I’m thrilled to be part of Clark University’s graduate admissions team and am eager to begin traveling and making new connections!

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University Of Leicester


Georgian College


University of Central Lancashire