Tips for successful student visas to Canada, Ireland and UK

Tips for successful student visas to Canada, Ireland and UK

There are thousands of students who apply for their higher education in the overseas destination as it offers an opportunity to explore the endless career possibilities and sometimes residency options in the intended country. Once you have obtained an admission letter from the college, the next step is student visa application and many students struggle to understand the minimum requirements and other fundamentals. Our experts will discuss their experience with successful student visa applications. Attend our session to learn what and how to prepare for your student visa application.

How to get student visa approval- While planning to study overseas, just obtaining an offer letter is not enough as you need a study permit to travel to a particular destination. In this session, we shall discuss the requirements, timeline, and pertinent information to apply for a study permit.

Who can sponsor for studies- Cost and Finances play an important role in your decision for higher education and study permit. Each country has different requirements and policies when it comes to acceptable sponsors and we will discuss the options in this session.

When to apply for a student visa- Applying for a student visa sometimes becomes tedious and you need to apply in the appropriate timeline to secure a study permit to start your course on time. 

What are the do’s and don’ts- Can you pay your tuition fee after visa approval, can you apply for a student loan, do you have to prepare for a visa interview, where can you go and apply. We will try to answer your questions related to higher education admission and study permit application


Speaker - Varun Iyer

As a study abroad educational consultant, Varun has been guiding students with a different academic background for various countries like Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand, Europe etc. He possesses more than 4 years of experience in study abroad and educational counseling for various programs such as Business, Engineering, Hospitality, Healthcare etc. Prior to UAE he had worked for international educational consultancy in India and got students admitted to various Universities like Wilfrid Laurier University, NYIT, University of Rochester, Northeastern University, Thompsons University, Lincoln University and many more. He is a Bachelors degree holder along with Microsoft Certification (MCTS) and also completed ENZ (Education New Zealand) Training Certification. 

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