Virtual Doctor Shadowing-Abdominal Pain Emergencies

Virtual Doctor Shadowing-Abdominal Pain Emergencies


Join St. George’s University School of Medicine Graduate, Dr. Ninad Desai, and Gotouniversity at this virtual doctor shadowing webinar. The session will include a discussion about Abdominal Pain Emergenciesincluding real-life experiences from Dr. Desai, Chief Resident in Emergency Medicine at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York.


In the session, Dr. Desai will discuss the most common types and causes of acute abdominal pain, as well as diagnostic approaches and management of symptoms. A live Q&A with Dr. Desai will conclude the session.


Speaker - Dr. Ninad Desai

Dr. Desai was born in India, before moving to the United States in his early teens, where his motivation to become a doctor began. He graduated from St. George’s University (SGU) School of Medicine in Grenada and obtained his residency in emergency medicine. Dr. Desai is one of 19,000 physicians SGU has contributed to the global physician workforce, with students, graduates, and faculty from over 150 countries. They have practiced in every state in the US, as well as in more than 50 countries.


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