Benefits of booking your accommodation in advance

Studying abroad is a life-changing decision and an experience to be cherished forever. Apart from their educational journeys, students preparing to move abroad will experience a new lifestyle, new culture, food, social life, and, most importantly, a home-like accommodation that can be challenging at times.Students tend to prioritize their priorities by the passing day and book their accommodations in advance as soon as the intake sessions begin, resulting in a stress-free journey to their overseas destinations.Early booking of accommodations for your international stay is always preferable so that you can focus on other details; there are numerous advantages to doing so, including

Cost-effective decision

Booking your accommodations in advance saves a lot of money that you may spend during peak season. You may start looking for accommodation as soon as you accept your offer from the university. Prices may also go up during peak times. You may get first-come, first-served offers as well if you plan to book your accommodations earlier.

Choose your space.

The primary advantage of booking early is that you can select your room and ensure that it is available. Although you will have ample options to choose from, if you delay, you may have to settle for whatever has been given up by the other students.

It takes less time.

The first and foremost thing that students do in a new country is look for accommodation, which means a lot of time and energy spent in a new place. Early bookings always help in a situation like this, where you just have to drop off your luggage and rest for a few days before your classes commence.

Hassle-free relocation

Relocating to a new place in a completely new country would already involve so much stress, and finding accommodation could add to the pressure. An early decision to book accommodations will relieve half of your stress and motivate you to complete the remaining tasks, such as managing your lifestyle in a new country and adjusting to the new environment.

What type of accommodation should I choose?

If you decide to book your accommodation early, you will have the option to choose from many types of accommodations, such as on-campus, off-campus, homestays, etc., as per your budget and preferences. If you keep postponing the decision until peak time, then you might not have many options and would be bound to choose what has been given to you at the end.

With the help of GoToUniversity, it will be easier for you to choose the best place to accommodate yourself in a new country, and with the assistance of our study abroad consultants, you will be guided on when it is the right time to choose the accommodation and fill in for the places as well. GTU has partnered with one of the best accommodation service providers, Vita Student (for more information, visit, and many students are already taking advantage of their accommodation services. Their team of experts organizes and supervises everything, making your stay worthwhile. Reach out to GoToUniversity for more information and pre-book your accommodations for a stress-free relocation.

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