Assistance on Student Accommodation

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Assistance on Student Accommodation

Leaving one's home country to study or work in a foreign land is emotionally draining. Adding to it, house hunting, finding decent food nearby, and new culture could make things further stressful.

As a student, it's imperative you choose the right house to live in as this is where you will be investing most of your time studying, exercising, eating, and hanging out with your friends during graduation years. We have noticed that students who are happy with their accommodation are active in class, participate more in activities, have set lunch and dinner routines, and are overall above-average performers. By now, it should be clear to you that as much as the right university is important, good accommodation also plays a major role in shaping one's success at the university. Let's find out how one should go about finalizing an accommodation.

Types of Accommodation - accommodation type will vary from country to country and location to location. One's personal choice and style of living matter the most while picking up suitable housing.

On-Campus Accommodation  - these are university-operated accommodations generally within the university walls.

Campus accommodations come with their own set of advantages like you live close to the campus, a very safe environment with modern security systems in place and security guards to take care of unwanted elements. These accommodations will be shared only by students thus allowing you to interact with fellow university students or classmates easily and as such settling will be easier as you will be sharing the room with known people. For students, social life is more active as you spend more time with friends from the university giving them enough opportunities to be part of multiple clubs, events and outdoor activities.

But like everything else, even campus accommodations come with their own set of disadvantages. These setups could be costly as a university along with providing good housing is responsible for the security, all the necessary equipment to carry on with the day to day activities. You will not have any say on the type of roommate you are sharing your room with additionally you will have no control over the room size, number of people sharing the room with you. A lot of activity in your room can also hamper your academic preparations. There are generally time restrictions and as such, you can't enter or exit the campus gates as you wish or at odd hours.

Furthermore, many European countries, for instance, France don't have accommodations inside the campus but will have arrangements with the accommodation providers in the locality.

Off-Campus Accommodation - these accommodations are outside the campus and free from any kind of university control. Students choose to arrange their own accommodations outside but close to the campus. One can find home-stays, these are options rented out to students by local families, normally your meal is included in your monthly rent. Homestays are good options for somebody longing for family care and secured housing. All your basic needs are met by the families along with home-cooked food and a spacious, clean environment.

Though you could be at a disadvantage in a different way, you can't have parties all the time at your place, can't call too many people to your place, you have to abide by the rules set by the families like restrictions on late-night entry, rules regarding loud music, smoking and drinking.

If homestays are not for you, then you can even arrange your stay completely independently without any interference from anybody. Generally, when you have spent some time in the city and have probably got some good friends, together you guys can plan the housing, food, and location, based on budgets, personal likings and other considerations. Such arrangements generally are pocket friendly, free from restrictions but at times could be unpleasant due to related challenges like arranging for all necessary items like study tables, kitchen equipment, bed linen, security and so on.

Our suggestion -

Students moving to a new country just after high school should prefer on-campus accommodation or homestays until they get confident and familiar with a new place. Normally, students in their first year choose to stay on campus as they are young with hardly any friends but as they grow older and start knowing people, they form a group of 2-3 friends and venture for off-campus living.

We help students select the right accommodations based on their needs and preferences. Keeping in mind the security factor, budget, cleanliness and distance from the university campus.

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