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About EnglishScore Tutors

EnglishScore Tutors is the British Council’s official 1-to-1 online English tutoring platform. It is very helpful in IELTS preparation, other standardized tests, improving your business English, and your conversational English. Recently, GoToUniversity has joined hands with British Council EnglishScore Tutors to help students and working professionals master the language. GoToUniversity is offering an exclusive 8% discount (up to $84 off) on all online tutoring courses from EnglishScore Tutors.

Features of the platform

  • Feedback on your fluency
  • Unique study plans created for your level
  • Personalized sessions according to your goals
  • Over 150 qualified, British Council approved tutors to pick from.
  • Over 30,000 students served

Courses offered

Business English Courses

English Test Preparation Courses

General English Conversation Courses

English is the prominent speaking language in the business industry where people who are proficient in the English language are given preference and it also opens up better job opportunities. The courses are specially designed to improve your business language and help you get a better hold of the language/English-speaking business cultures. The areas they assist you with are- 

  • Business writing
  • Formal speech
  • Delivering presentations
  • Understanding of foreign business culture
  • Business and workplace vocabulary
  • Other specific areas you want to work on

If you are planning to take any exam like- IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC or Cambridge English Exam, then this is the best course for you. You can try the EnglishScore test to know your level first and then you can work with a tutor to improve your English or you can discover your level in your first tutoring session. The tutors will guide you with the test format, structure, scoring system, preparation materials, mock tests, and tips to clear the exam in the first attempt. The focused areas would be-Reading, Writing, Listening,  and Speaking. 

This course is suitable for those who want to speak English fluently or confidently in their daily lives without putting any agenda aside to just learn the language. This course will help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and confidence in implementing the language in your daily life by combining all the above mentioned factors. This course will help you enhance your proficiency in general to deal with day-to-day life scenarios.

GoToUniversity has collaborated with British Council EnglishScore Tutors to help students with their test preparation who are struggling to learn the English language and want to score well in the university English language entrance tests. Our collaboration is going to benefit many, and those who want to enrol with EnglishScore Tutors may visit the webiste and avail the best discounted offers.

About EnglishScore - the global test and certificate of English for employment

EnglishScore offers a certificate test formulated by the British Council for students to assess the proficiency and level of their English language across all major skills. You can use the test whether you are a student, a working professional, or planning to migrate overseas, etc. You will receive a score based on your CEFR level.

About CEFR

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international scale for outlining the language proficiency and ability of an individual. It is a 6-point scale up to C2, beginning with A1, where the A1 level is for beginners and the C2 level is for those who have attained proficiency in the language. The most important advantage of this standardised language scale is that it makes judging the person's ability and comparison easier.


A1(Pre)- A1- A2 

B1- B2

C1- C2

BASIC (Young learners)



Types of English test

The test is based on 3 categories : Core skills test, Writing and Listening where the level of English will be judged and you will be given scores on the basis of the CEFR Scale.

Core Skills Test

Speaking Test

Writing Test

The core skills test comprises three important things, like grammar and vocabulary, reading, and listening comprehension. The questions are based on your everyday life and workplace scenarios where you use the English language as a medium of communication. The score in this test is given from 0 to 599 based on each of the skills.

The test is designed to deal with real-life workplace scenarios. The scoring model is constructed by the experts who evaluate your speaking skills by comparing them with those of other English speakers around the globe. It uses AI and human marking to provide an accurate measure of communication skills, delivering the results in less than 24 hours.

This test is also designed to enhance virtual working experiences and embrace the use of messaging and emailing in today’s world. It improves writing language, organising the text, and communicating abilities in different scenarios. It is also critical for a professional or a student who wishes to study abroad where entrance exams are required.

The EnglishScore test is beneficial in a variety of ways! You will undoubtedly gain a command of the language if you enrol in any of the courses that meet your needs or simply visit the site and take the test with an immediate result. To learn more about the test, go to or download it to your smartphone.

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