Career options for humanities students to study abroad

When you study humanities, your thought range is supposedly brought into complete action and you are able to spot the similarities and dissimilarities in self-expression. Humanities help us understand the basis of human culture and understand the “Why’s” of our perception. The basic subjects of humanities in your high school years are Economics, Political science, Psychology, Fine arts, Sociology, etc.

Scope of humanities 

Studying humanities abroad will give you a mighty area of possibilities in order to accelerate your career growth. With the development of skills such as empathy, observation, critical thinking, and communication, you are making yourself stuffed with both soft skills and hard skills which are very imperative in today’s world. The demand for liberal arts is booming as ever. 

“Imagination is an innate gift, but it needs refinement and cultivation; this is what the humanities provide” – Martha Nussbaum

Study abroad career opportunities

As far as the existing notion is concerned regarding humanities being limited to law, literature, and civil sciences, the advancements in the subject and the massive possibilities have proved it wrong. When you decide to study abroad, the opportunities that open up are immense. Here are some of them:-

  • Gender studies – Today, gender equality is promoted big time. To defend the individuality of every person, the government is executing various policies and a career in gender studies can be of huge use.
  • Cartography – It is the process of making maps. Technology has evolved significantly and we need maps for everyday use nowadays. Since people are continuously glued to maps to find a place or share their location, specialists are needed who can keep updating maps as per the technologies.
  • Graphic designer – Studying humanities from top universities of the world already enhances your network of visuals. From the communication of ideas to designing software, a graphic designer has potential today.
  • Event management – When someone manages something, it boosts their self-confidence and leadership skills. On a higher scale, event management includes working with vendors, decorators, clients, budgets, etc in order to successfully implement a social or business event.
  • Rural studies– If the rural sector issues affect you, then this is probably meant for you! When you want to integrate changes in underprivileged people’s lives, you will learn the process of development and management of villages. And hereby, you’ll get a chance to work with government-aided institutions.
  • Cultural studies – Since cultural studies are focused on the human experience, quite many few international students are drawn to it. Some of the job roles that you might be ending up doing are diversity and inclusion, public relations, copywriting, marketing, etc.
  • Mass communication and Journalism – Journalism refers to gathering and assessing of information/data whereas mass communication includes presenting the relevant information to a large section of people through television, radio, magazines, etc. You can also create documentaries and work on short clips after having studied this.
  • Political science & International relations – If studying about your country at the national level and international level delights you, then you might want to consider this course. International relations require the understanding of relations of the home country with foreign countries. Research assistant, lobbyist, and political analyst are some of the career options you could pursue after studying it.

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