Student internship opportunities

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Student internship opportunities

Professional experience of any sort adds value to a profile and shows your sincerity to your major. An Internship can be a beneficial addition to your profile and help you expand abilities that may help you when you are working full-time. Internships add to your profile precisely because they offer you opportunities to learn such things. 

Benefits of student internship 

  • Expands your network and connections
  • Develop your communication skills and overall personality
  • Enhance your language and communication and skills 
  • Practical learning
  • You will be aware of global issues and trends
  • It is an add-on to your CV which would help you fetch a better job opportunity
  • It gets you out of your comfort zone
  • Exposure to other cultures and working environments
  • Introduce you to different ideas and work habits
  • Teaches you to have a work-life balance concurrently with your studies

Connect with Nonprofit organization 

We at GTU, help in providing internship opportunities to students as per their programs while studying overseas. We have tie-ups with several non-profit organizations and we connect the students with them to let them get the desired opportunity to intern in different fields. It would help in uplifting your profile on getting your admission into universities and it would act as your extra-curricular activity which would make you stand out of the crowd.

In-house internship opportunities 

In-house internship opportunities are a service that many students have been availing and it has turned out to be quite beneficial for them. It is a proper internship that we provide through our contacts and certified also, which would be valid at every university or college you apply to or course you apply for. Our overseas admission consultants have been helping students to get in their desired fields with great internship opportunities.

Benefits of internship

Benefits of internships may incorporate

Adds points to your profile- If you get a chance to intern before or while pursuing a course, it adds some extra points to your profile when you go to look for further options after the completion of your degree.

Job experience- It also adds experience to your profile and helps you to stand out differently from the crowd. Internship is not just about working; it is about the job experience that you get while working with different people and handling two things concurrently. This way you learn to handle things and balancing your personal life and work.

Research experience – Student internship opportunities allows students to step up from their comfort zone and do some researches work to get to the different companies or fields to pursue the internship. If you have a prior study abroad student internship experience, you won’t find it difficult to reach and target the right options for yourself. 

Expanded professional networks- internships for abroad students is very much helpful for them to connect to different people and expand their network.

Clearer career goals- if you have a study abroad internship experience, it is obvious that you will be having a clearer idea of what to pursue and what not to after the completion of your degree. You would be clearer with you career choices. 

Recommendations- if you internship while studying abroad, you will be building network which would automatically help you for your future job prospects.

Heightened confidence- An extra effort never goes in vain if done dedicatedly, apart your experience and points for a good profile, what you receive extra in return is confidence and an enhanced personality. As confidence and dedication are two things to in anything one does in life.

We, at GoToUniversity, not only assist you to find the right internship but also clarify to you why that internship is substantial from the admissions point of view. With guidance from our competent counselors, you can strengthen your chances of getting into your dream university. 

Don’t let this opportunity slip away, get in touch with one of our specialized counselors right now and figure out how internships may benefit your profile. 

Myths about interning while studying

There are many ways of seizing internship opportunities overseas; you just have to put your effort into the right place. There is a myth about surrendering your social life while managing an internship while studying but the experience you will be accomplishing during an internship is going to be worth it. 

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