Cheapest countries in Europe for higher education

When you decide to study in Europe, the first and foremost thing that comes to anyone’s mind is the expense that you are going to bear and spend on your entire education journey. You always prefer to enroll yourself into a university that is affordable and the cost of living that you may incur should also be minimal. Europe is popular among students for providing quality education and one of the finest universities is found in Europe. Its countries hold the position of having one the best universities in the world for higher education. Every year it attracts hundreds and thousands of students across the globe and gives them an opportunity to build their careers on their land. The degrees acquired from European universities are also of great validation and the universities are also accredited by famous groups. 

The cost of education and living is one of the prominent factors that let you decide on which country to choose from. There are many affordable countries in Europe that provide great quality of education, despite being cheaper than the other countries in Europe to name a few-

Study in Germany

One of the most prestigious and popular countries in Europe is Germany for the world-class education it provides. The universities in Germany have relatively affordable tuition fees than other European countries. But, the living cost might not be as low as you think! But, there are some institutions where you have to pay a tuition fee of less than 1000 EUR/ semester. 

Average tuition fees/year- free at public universities

Average administration fee/semester- 150-350 EUR

 Average living cost- 850-1100 EUR/month (including- accommodation, food, internet bills, health insurance, transportation, etc)

Study in France

For those who love French culture, pursuing higher education in France would be wonderful for them. France might be an expensive country but for international students, the country provides a great quality of education at a very affordable tuition fee. The annual tuition fee at most of the universities in France is nearly $1000/year. The country also has many considered locations where student accommodation is quite cheap. 

Study in the Netherlands

Despite its scenic beauty, the prominent thing that attracts the crowd is the affordability of the universities and the quality of education. If you want to study in the Netherlands, you will have to pay a very minimal amount of tuition fee/per year. The average fee that you will have to pay is 1500 EUR- 2000 EUR annually for your studies and with part-time work opportunities; you can afford quite a good lifestyle over there. 

Study in Poland

Poland is quite less famous than most European countries but, when it comes to choosing it as a study destination, it is considered equal to any other affordable country in Europe. The tuition fees at universities in Poland are very low and the cost of living in Poland is very much affordable. One can easily manage the expenses by doing part-time work and having limited funds. Additionally, it is also considered a very safe country for international students to choose the program/courses from a broad range.

Study in Malaysia

If you want to pursue some technology courses like or with affordable tuition fees, then Malaysia is a very considerable option for you. It has a great number of engineering colleges with a very low fee structure. The universities/colleges here also provide scholarships to you that are more beneficial and cut the cost of your total expense. It provides many skill-based and professional study programs also like- BBA, MBA, MS, BSC, MA, and so on. The cost of living here is also very affordable. 

If you make up your mind to go to any university from the above-mentioned list, then you must consult with our overseas admission consultants and get to know its admission and application process. Studying in Europe for international students is always a good call and it shapes your career in a better way. Living with mixed cultures, and in a completely different environment makes you more adaptable to staying away from your home country.

For more information on the above-mentioned countries and universities, you must reach out to GoToUniversity’s study abroad consultants and avail of its admission services to get assistance and admission to your desired university.

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