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Admission services

At GoToUniversity, we have contoured the admission services into assorted and well-defined channels which incorporate- Profile building, Admissions consulting, University short-listing, Interview preparation and Visa services.

Under the guardianship of Brighter Education Group, the entire team operates to deliver services for undergraduate and postgraduate admissions for careers in Law, Medicine, Business, Computer Science, Marketing, Finance, Psychology, MBA, etc. GTU provides services relevant to overseas admission to students and have a very fine track record of settling students overseas. A few of our services includes-

University Application Services

Applying to universities abroad can be a tangled and puzzling task for the applicants. Our experience in managing applications to the top Universities and Colleges in global study destinations like the UK, the USA, Canada, and Europe ensures that our students don't miss any application deadline and that their applications are always accompanied by the required supporting documents. Once the application has been submitted, we impart the students with timely updates on its progress until they get an offer from a desired university.

Shortlisting of Programs services

Due to the broad range of study programs offered across the universities of the world, students struggle to decide which choice to make. GoToUniversity will give students a variety of programs. Once you hire our education consultants, you will apply to one or additional courses that meet your goals. In addition, we can assist you in expediting the application process and choosing the same course or program according to your educational background and interests.

Services of college profile building

College profile is an important part of a student’s application as it is the first phase toward your dream of studying at the desired university. It is required to be filled with the different activities that you must have indulged yourself within recent times whether it is any co-curricular activity, community services, part-time work, or anything. Here you need the help of experienced study abroad consultants like GoToUniversity. We figure out your unique selling point, like some students have academics as their USP, while for students, it can be sports, etc.

Internship opportunities guidance

We, at GoToUniversity, not only assist you to find the right internship but also clarify to you why that internship is substantial from the admissions point of view. With guidance from our competent counselors, you can strengthen your chances of getting into your dream university. 

Standardized test prep services

GTU offers standardized test prep services for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Over the last few years, we have helped hundreds of potential aspirants and students ace the standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, UCAT, BMAT, LNAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and many more.

Our Services

Profile Evaluation

We analyze your interests, skills, personal characteristics, and goals to judge your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant to identify gaps in your profile.

Ingenious Resume Building

We develop a customized roadmap to build your profile considering merits of your career goals. Profile building includes summer school programs, internships, doctor shadowing, extra-curricular and other activities

University Selection

We help you shortlist universities, programs, and countries considering your long term goals, and core strengths.

Standardized Tests

We advise you to take the right standardized tests, and English language proficiency test for the programs that you apply.

Essay Conceptualizing

Writing college essays is one of the crucial parts of your application. Our consultants will brainstorm with you to analyze and conceptualize the relevant experiences of your story to portray to the university.

Interview Prep

Our consultants will prepare you for the interviews through multiple mock interviews and feedback sessions.

Essay Reviewing

Our team of professional editors who are graduates from top universities will review and edit your essays to meet the university standards.

Recommendation Letter

We help you choose the right academic and non-academic recommenders based on your program requirements.
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