Cost of living in Canada for international students

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for students to settle in and develop their careers. Its cultural diversity, world-class university, education system, and friendly people make it one of the most prominent study destinations for students across the world. Canada is known for its affordable and nominal tuition fee, this factor is a very major one for those who wish to study in Canada if compared with other countries like the UK, the USA, etc. The cost of living in Canada for students with a generous lifestyle and fewer tuition fees, one would not feel much loaded with the expenses. It all comes under an adequate budget and the students are permitted to work while studying which makes it even easier for the students to fund their stay in Canada.

Here at GoToUniversity, a student would get an estimate of all the expenses and money-earning opportunities to live a balanced and stable life. Our overseas education consultant having expertise in sending students to foreign countries would impart to you with required information relevant to studying in Canada, cost of study in Canada, cost of living in Canada, visa guidance, application procedures, and many other factors including managing your expenses. Let’s have a look at a few factors that would make you a bit wiser in overseeing your expenditures and plan your journey to study in Canada accordingly.

Cost of study in Canada 

Many students every year immigrate to Canada for the betterment of their lives and career, but the journey would be really hectic if you want to manage everything on your own without any expert’s guidance, in that case, you must get in touch with our well-informed Canada admission consultant who has an experience of dealing with students who wish to pursue their career in Canada by balancing it with a good lifestyle. The cost of studying in Canada would range between C$20,000 to C$50,000 and it also relies on the other factors as well including housing, conveyance, sustenance, and the place you decide to put up. 

Learn and Earn

The cost of living in Canada is a bit more economical than it is in other countries; it provides a great opportunity of earning while you learn. Those who study in Canada are permitted to work part-time for about 20 hours a week on campus or outside. Students can also apply for a work permit for up to 3 years and with great work opportunities, it becomes a feasible option for international students to learn, earn and cut down on educational expenses and lead a nice and balanced lifestyle on their own. 

Cost of accommodation

No matter which country you choose to study, it comes with additional expenses where accommodation tops the list. For those who prefer university accommodation then the expenses are going to be much higher and your area of accessibility would also be restricted due to the rules and regulations. But if you wish to save some money and live outside the campus then you have a couple of other options as well including-

Dormitories- 350 CAD-600 CAD

Town-houses- 250 CAD- 600 CAD

Shared apartments- 400 CAD – 800 CAD

Rental apartments (unfinished) - 300 CAD – 500 CAD

*Note- the price range is just for your reference, it may vary.

Transportation expenses

As we all know it is a bit difficult to cut on study expenses while you study in a foreign country but you may cut down on travelling and commuting expenses by using public transport. Public transport in Canada is known to be economical and safe as well. The country has multiple transport facilities that you can avail of like buses, trains, subways, cycling and you can prefer to walk even depending upon the distance between your places to university. You can avail student discounts on these public transports by showing your student Id-card.

Food expenses

Food is one of the major parts of your expenses if you plan to study abroad. The monthly cost of food and other expenses excluding accommodation for a student would range between 250 CAD – 350 CAD. 

Our experienced study abroad admission consultants not only impart you with the application process and visa guidance but also provide you with every information relevant to the process of your admission until you settle down in the country.

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