Student Visa Guidance

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Student Visa Guidance

Student Visa:

While planning for higher education there are two major aspects: one is getting accepted by a university and another is a study permit from the respective country's high commission. Applying for a student visa could be intimidating sometimes due to a lot of paperwork and justification required to prove one’s genuine intent to study. Our consultants can help you to ease up the pressure and simplify the process for you. We have hands-on experience to assist student visas for multiple countries such as Canada, Ireland, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe and are well versed with the application process.

Criteria of Student Visa: There are three major criteria for a student visa abroad that need to be fulfilled and addressed in your visa application as follows: the purpose of visit, financial meeting, and home ties. Let’s try to understand these criteria one by one.

Purpose of Visit:

In this, you need to declare the purpose which will be studied and you need to give related information on your course, college, destination, long-term goals, etc.

Financial Stability:

It's very important to showcase your financial independence in your student visa application and show evidentiary documents related to that. This includes your bank statements, income proof, source of income details, liquid and fixed assets etc. The documentation changes based on the individual circumstances and needs to be carefully thought through during application.

Home Ties:

Generally, visa officers want to see the commitment that you will return back to your origin country and will not extend your stay unlawfully in your study destination. You need to prove your intention of study and that you will return to your home country after completion of your education.

You may have many questions on student visas and our experts are ready to answer your questions. Kindly get in touch with our consultants to get detailed information on study permit applications.

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