Facts you need to know about New South Wales University in Australia

University of New South Wales is situated in the eastern suburb region of Australia. Other than the beautiful infrastructure, the spirit of the university is reflected through multicultural students, alumni, and a student-professor relationship. With its 47 schools providing high-class education and including four campuses in its peripheries such as Kensington, Paddington, Canberra, and Sydney CBD, New South Wales University introduced its motto of Knowledge by heart, mind, and hand. 

Essential facts about the University of New South Wales

1. Heading towards Employability – The students studying at the university are always uplifted to bring forth a practical approach to the concepts learned. It is the top university in Australia in terms of job prospects. With the strong base of industrial connections of the university, students are finding it easier to earn the desirable work opportunities. Also, the university holds up several career development seminars to acquaint them with that feeling of work atmosphere.

2. Exchange programs – The University offers exchange programs with a minimum 200 partner universities. Some of these universities are Penn State University, Princeton University, University of Virginia, University College London (For law subjects), University of California Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, etc. The exchange programs facilitate the advanced growth and development of a student.

3. The plethora of courses – Carrying a huge stock of courses to provide students every possible chance at education, the courses which are listed in the university are the subjects of engineering, accounting, psychology, environmental sciences, marine sciences, art and design, medicine, etc.

4. Mighty and supportive accommodation – If you are staying at the Kensington campus, then you are in luck because students feel invigorated there and can engage themselves in a range of activities. The rooms in the university include all sorts of utilities such as Wi-Fi, catered meals and a security team is just a call away.

5. Student services – UNSW Sydney’s International Student Experience Union (ISEU) is the entry point for international students in the university. The students are always assisted on a personal level and any kind of information such as well-being, academic performance, counseling, etc.

6. Community inclusion – In order to provide equitable treatment to the students, New South Wales University is home to all religions and backgrounds. Here, the community is not just within the campus. In order to foster change, the university has partnerships with a number of community leaders and organizations.

7. Cost of tuition – The studying cost will differ from course to course. The average fee of New South Wales University is between 45,600 dollars with a range of 36,400 to 76,000 dollars. In addition to that, the amount spent on living costs would be 23,140 dollars annually.

8. Extravagant campus – When the campus feels like home, you can tick into your success of abroad education. The basic amenities of food and cash are covered through the cafes, supermarkets, and ATMs here at the university. The university is also known for owning the most clubs in Australia. Beaches and shopping centers are just a bus ride away from UNSW. 

9. Academic growth – The University offers an all-rounder development for a candidate with an enhancement of skills such as study, writing, and conversational skills. So as to prepare students in advance, they organize frequent employer presentations and expos.

10. Bountiful scholarships –With the International Scientia Coursework scholarship, students have the possibility of receiving a full tuition fee scholarship or just a minimum contribution of 20,000 AUD per year. There are other awards such as Australia’s global award and UNSW Global Academic Award.

11 . International Students’ Award - The University is celebrating the zeal of international students’ admission with students receiving 15% off tuition fees, and courses starting from 2022 or 2023. It is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs and this can be clubbed with other scholarships as well.

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