How can we ace the IELTS exam on our first attempt?

IELTS is one of the most prominent English proficiency exams across the globe. It is constructed by the world's leading specialists as a way to test one's English speaking, reading, listening, and writing to work and study in an English-speaking environment. To migrate overseas for higher education an aspirant is required to take up an IELTS exam and to succeed in the exam demands a rigorous and in-depth IELTS preparation. As you know that the test constitutes four varied modules which are to be analyzed on the same day consecutively and the first thing that a student thinks is ‘how can we clear IELTS on the first attempt?’  and for the  preparation you need to have a handful of tips, plans, and directions to crack the exam on the first attempt, which you are going to get nowhere but here at GoToUniversity.

You are recommended to undergo an IELTS preparation course and know ‘how to crack IELTS with band 9?. There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind while preparing and clearing the exam in the first attempt itself. There are so many references out there and sometimes you do not know which one to pursue or trust. Sometimes it can take months or years even to get the desired band. As there is so much anxiety to get it on the first attempt.

Follow the below-mentioned approach to getting on the first go-

Understanding the test format

The first and foremost thing that you are advised to do is to understand the marking scheme and what the examiner is noticing in a candidate. The IELTS test comprises 4 modules of steps-

Step 1

Listening – listening is the first section of the IELTS exam and you need to start your IELTS preparation according to the order. The listening section is for 30 minutes and consists of 4 sections with 10 questions each.

Step 2

Reading- Reading is the second module that takes about 60 minutes and consists of 3 sections with 40 questions.

Step 3

Speaking- After reading the process proceeds further with the speaking test, this test is small and goes on for 11-14 minutes comprising of 3 sections in which you have to talk with the examiner

Step 4

Writing- The last skill assessment is writing. The test goes on for 60 minutes, having 2 sections. The first task is for 20 minutes and the second task is for 40 minutes.

Consider an IELTS Preparation Course and find out the marking scheme.

The IELTS preparation course covers each of the four skills- Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking. You can also take up an IELTS preparation course provided by GoToUniversity with interactive online classes via zoom or face-to-face, as it shows you the required equipment and the path with tips and tricks to move in the right direction. Ensure that you have completed at least two practice papers before sitting for the final test. IELTS scores are reported on a band scale of 0-9. The score is given for each test and then averaged and rounded for the final score. To successfully reach the highest score, you must take up an IELTS preparation course.

Improve your vocabulary

Vocabulary plays a major role in your IELTS preparation as it covers 25% of your score and to improve it you should read a newspaper, mark new words, watch audio and videos in English, and practice them in your day-to-day life.

Practicing English every day

Get hold of the English language by rehearsing it regularly. There are several ways to rehearse English rather than giving a test. The more you adopt English as your speaking, writing, reading, and listening medium in your daily life, the closer you will be to getting the band of your choice. You can choose some familiar English topics like the environment, education, and technology that come up again. Choosing such topics would enhance your vocabulary and your ideas and build confidence during your preparation.

Get your work assessed by an expert

Practicing on your own would lead you to the goal, whereas hiring an expert would be more effective as he/she would evaluate your practice and tell you your existing level and the amendments that are required to be made. This is one of the most crucial parts of your preparation because without an expert teacher it’s unthinkable to assess your work and work on your unstable points and focus on them. To take up an IELTS preparation course and get an experienced teacher, you must explore our portal GoToUniversity.

Standardized test preparation

GoToUniversity offers standardized test preparation for all programs. In recent years, they have helped a thousand contenders to qualify for standardized tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, UCAT, BMAT, LNAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, PTE, and many more. The classes are supervised by highly trained experts of GoToUniversity who help you ace your standardized test preparation and also achieve the score you want to get in your exams. We offer well designed, structured, constantly revised, and upgraded test preparation courses through interactive online classes, face to face offline classes at considerable locations near you, classes for intermediate test-takers, and private tutoring as well to strengthen and help you perform satisfactorily during your preparation through standardized test preparation.

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