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How to apply for student accommodation in the UK?

Due to the quality of education and the exposure students find in studying in the UK, the number of applications and candidates turning towards pursuing education in the UK tends to escalate only. The application process of the UK universities becomes pretty challenging along with the things that you need to take care of. After the acceptance letter, students are worried about their stay and to resolve this issue for many, we would like to introduce you to the ‘Vita Student’ which is an accommodation provider in the UK with its first class services to the students in many parts of the UK. 

Where you should start – Ideally, the first step is to let the university know that you would need accommodation as most first-years prefer to stay on campus. Then you should be looking at your overall budget and the basic amenities you would need. Once you have figured that out, then you should shortlist the places where you want to stay and look for the feasible options.

 Types of accommodation

  • Halls of residence – These are large buildings with definite boundaries owned by the university especially reserved for 1st year students. It’s an optimal way to socialise with new people in the university.
  • Self catered halls – These halls are ideal for those who like their own freedom and want to enjoy cooking as per their own time and schedule. A communal kitchen is being provided in these halls.
  • Flats/houses – This is a private stay option situated outside university. Mostly 2nd and 3rd years prefer to choose this because of flexibility and having a personal lifestyle. Once you have a group of friends, you can easily look for housing options outside.
  • Travel accommodations – Hostels are the best travel accommodation option and are selected usually by students who are avid travellers and want to be connected to the world outside their university as well.   

Ways to apply for accommodation

  • University accommodation office – A student can look online on the university website and look for options in their accommodation office. A student can register there and mark their preferences for shared/private dormitories. You can also check out UCAS’s accommodation search tool to check out both uni-owned and private options wherein the dormitory can cost you around GBP 600 – GBP 1000 for a month or you can apply at the Vita student accommodation in the UK, who provides splendid accommodation facilities to the students in different parts of the UK. 
  • Using a letting agency – It is convenient to hire an agent and enquire about housing services from them. They are more useful when a landlord doesn’t stay in the same neighbourhood. However, you need to be careful with them and not provide any registration charge. The letting agent should provide you with the details of the tenancy deposit scheme they use.
  • Search for private accommodation online – If you search for the accommodation providers in the UK, you would definitely come across ‘Vita Student’, providing first class services to students travelling for studying in the UK from over hundreds of different countries with an affordable price range as per your requirement and suitability. GoToUniversity has collaborated with the Vita student and helped hundreds of students find the right accommodating place. 

When should one start to apply?

To get the desired options and best prices, it’s always ideal to look in advance. Suppose you are going for September intake, you should start your search between January and March. However if you hold an unconditional offer letter, then you can book at the time of admission as well although halls will be subject to availability. One can also check on the internet to find the old private off-campus options nearby.

Some in-hand pointers

  • Do your research beforehand. Have an idea about the trend of rent prices in preferred locations.
  • Consulting International students’ office can also be a good idea. They can provide you with authentic sources.
  • Read online student’s forums.
  • Find roommates to share your apartment with. That will help you save on your budget.
  • Make sure the accommodation provides all basic necessities.

To provide you with our uninterrupted overseas admission services, GTU has been working perpetually for its students and has come into collaboration with the best global service providers like the Vita Student in the UK. We provide the best accommodation services to students with concessionary prices. Visit the link below for more information.

Vita Student

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