How to find safe accommodation for international students?

Fleeing from your home country and leaving your house for studying abroad is one challenge and finding a home away from home is another. The study abroad application process is a lengthy one and one must take care of finding a student accommodation and not leave it to the last minute. Immigrating abroad for higher studies is a big shift and an integral part as well which should be concentrated upon as soon as you get chosen by the university. Spending time seeking student accommodation plays a crucial role as it should fulfil the basic requirement of housing i.e. convenience and budget-friendly. 

At GTU we provide you with explicit assistance on safe international student accommodation to study abroad. Our experienced overseas education consultants have experience of nearly a decade in positioning thousands of students outside their home countries in the greatest universities or colleges around the globe. With their expertise they help in finding accommodation for international students as per their preferences and affordability, keeping all the aspects in mind relevant to your overseas education journey including- funding, crowd, cleanliness, distance from the campus, etc. International Student accommodation can be of two types- campus or off-campus. Let us discuss some of the pros and cons of both types.

On-campus accommodation

On-campus safe accommodation for international students is provided by many universities but it is preferably given to those who apply for it first. Concerning the university accommodation or hostel, you need to apply as early as possible or you will be only left with an option to look for a house to rent off-campus. 


There are many benefits of student accommodation at the university as it will be a safer option and you will be dwelling inside your university which would save your conveyance expenses. It is entirely operated by the university and watched by security guards all the time. You could possibly be sharing your hostel room with any of your classmates or known students from the university which would give you a sense of security. Also, you don’t have to be bothered about sanitation, cooking, washing, etc which would add some additional time to your academics. You can also avail all the facilities including the mess, library, medical assistance, etc.


Considering the advantages there are also a few disadvantages if you decide to accommodate on-campus. First of all, staying in a hostel would be a little high-priced if compared with outside accommodation as they demand a fixed charge for the facilities they provide. Secondly, the university will have the entire control over it whether it’s food, roommate, the type of room, hostel rules, visiting hours, time constraints, and many other things.

Off-campus accommodation


Off-campus accommodation is considered to be less expensive than on-campus as you do not have to obey university-like protocol and stay as per your wish and are free from any university control. You can choose a location where you can live with the people of your culture and community. You can also prefer homestays in which a house or room is rented out for accommodation for international students by local families where your meal is mostly included in your monthly rent. 

A homestay is a nice option for students who want to get the homely feeling with a nice atmosphere including food and safety. If not homestay you can find a personal space that is located near your university and reasonable in every aspect and would not disturb your studies and lifestyle. You can also dwell with your known relative or friend to get the satisfaction and comfort of the home.


Off-campus accommodation for international students has certain disadvantages as well like for those who do not like to stay alone but have to because they can’t afford a hostel or rooms at nice places. Off-campus accommodation might hamper your studies as you will have to be concerned about cooking, washing, supplies, etc. which would utilise your whole time and somehow dominate your academics.

Now that you are aware of all the factors concerning accommodation for international students, you may not face many difficulties while finding safe and affordable student accommodation. For more guidance regarding safe accommodation, you can avail GoToUniversity’s services to the professionals regarding the assistance on safe accommodation to study abroad for students.

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