How to start preparing For MMIs and Panel Interviews?

MMIs are medical school interviews but before starting to prepare for it you must know what is Multiple mini interview in detail? Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)are short assessments and structured interview stations some medical colleges/schools conduct to assess the thinking process of medical students. MMIs aim to accurately analyze a student’s overall personality, so they can be the most difficult, challenging yet beneficial parts for you as an applicant. This article will give you tips for your MMI preparation and the Panel Interviews (which are easier than MMIs) to help you perform effectively during these.

As both the interviews aim to reveal your thought process, your ability to work in a team, character traits, strengths, weaknesses, etc., you have to prepare for it strategically.

How to do an effective MMI preparation?

Get an idea of the basic structure

To prepare for an interview, you need to know the entire process of an MMI like the duration of interviews, the questions, the pattern, how it’s evaluated, the number of stations, the members, etc. You can’t prepare for every possible question, but you can have a strategy and strong framework for evaluating any situation. 

The judgment process:

The very first process of the MMI Preparation is practicing the situational judgmental process (SJT). It is designed to evaluate soft skills, communications skills, ethical awareness, and professionalism of students. To successfully pass the stage, you might need assistance from a medical school admission expert who can give you unbiased feedback and guide you in your MMI Preparation.


Make sure that you have comprehensive information about the University or college you want to be enrolled with. You should be well versed in the current affairs of your relevant field. You must also be aware of general politics, and world issues as you possibly have to share your views on the topic.

Scale for every performance

During an MMI, you have to go through several successive stations (mostly up to 10)in a series of one-on-one interviews with various people, and with a fixed amount of time to answer and complete a task, during which your performance would be rated on a scale of 1-10 at every station.

As it's a one-on-one interview with various people, it minimizes any bias. Each interview is independent of the other. There are many platforms where you can practice mock interviews for the MMI Preparation. 

The topics asked questions in Prompt

One of the most significant tips that you have to keep in mind during an MMI preparation and having an idea of the most common and hardest MMI questions that they ask including personal, acting based, ethical dilemma, scenario-based, teamwork tasks, empathized situational based, current events, critical thinking, etc and you have to practice such questions with a perspective of What would this be like? Or how would you have done it?

Sample questions and expert acknowledgment

Going through intimidating medical school questions and practicing prompt questions will give you an idea of what a well-thought and calculative answer looks like and how well your idea is being articulated to them. Your MMI preparations are incomplete without expert feedback as there would be no other way of knowing where your mistakes lie.  

Panel Interview Preparation

A panel interview is easier if distinguished from MMI. The panel interview preparation demands you to do your homework first about the course and the university. Having a thorough knowledge of the field would help you excel in the same.

You must practice the most difficult yet common panel interview questions. Before sitting for it, inspect and read about the panel members who are about to interview you. 

While you prepare, learn and practice to be confident and optimistic when you enter the room and learn to be confident in front of the panel members. Make it sound like a conversation rather than an interrogation. 

Try to answer every question in the best possible way no matter who from the panel throws the question at you and connect with the interviewers.

Standardized Test Preparation

Standardized Test Preparation is equally difficult as any test. It is given to students in a very consistent manner having the same questions, Same time, and same marking procedure. Standardized test preparation requires practice for months. You have to be very uniform about the test from the early stage only as it requires a lot of hard work and daily consistency, practice in the best way possible, Understand and memorize things, practice multiple choice sample questions as many as possible, make a strategy, develop a routine, incorporating previous year or related activities would add several stars to your Preparation. At GoToUniversity our expert trainers have a great track record of helping students to prepare for such challenging tests and achieving their desired scores. For more information and test preparation services you must connect with us through our portal.

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