MMI and Panel Interview Preparation

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MMI and Panel Interview Preparation

Medicine applications to the UK consist of two stages - UCAS submission followed by the MMI - Multi Mini Interviews. Scores from both the steps after fulfilment are added up to rank you against other applicants and appoint on the application outcome.

Let’s understand MMI in detail - 

A Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is a style of interview used by almost all the medical schools in the UK and increasingly by Ireland Medical schools as well. As the name implies MMI is a set of multiple rounds of mini-interviews consisting of short practical assessments, usually less than 10 minutes each. You’ll be presented with a scenario before each round, to have a bit of time to prepare an answer. These rounds are generally known as stations and normally there are four to seven stations each student is supposed to go through.

These MMI interviews are done to check students’ preparation to join the medical college and succeed through its demanding curriculum and testing domain. Stations could revolve around topics like communication, leadership, medical knowledge, personal statement, motivation, problem-solving, empathy, medical ethics, and so on. You will be evaluated through a varied procedure of a one-to-one interview, group discussion, and role-play. These interviews can’t be taken lightly as it not only adds up to your final score but it is also done to check the genuineness of a student, one’s proficiency to excel, and selfless attitude to serve society at large.

Points to note about these MMIs :

  • MMI interview will usually take about 2 hours
  • Each station will usually take between 7-10 minutes
  • Most universities will have around 4 - 8 MMI ‘stations’
  • UK Medical schools do these interviews on their campus
  • You will get interview invitations between November - February

Our consultants with years of experience behind them in putting students to top medical colleges in the UK and elsewhere have now cracked the code to clear these interviews which we use to prepare our students through multiple mock interviews. We follow a set pattern to prepare our students for these MMIs, starting from sharing related materials to read, recommending books, doing not one or two but several rounds of mock interviews, and sharing acknowledgment with them on the spot. 

Our students attend these MMIs with the right attitude, and confidence which helps them to clear these interviews successfully.

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