Key Differences and Career Opportunities of GMAT and GRE

Earning a degree from an International University is a significant step in anyone’s professional career, which is the reason working professionals around the world constantly try to get into these prestigious institutions.
However, reputable international colleges always want to enroll only those candidates who have proper aptitude and enough expertise to enter such occupations and usually, the selection of such candidates is done via aptitude tests like GRE or GMAT.
Having said that, sometimes students get confused while choosing one from the two tests because they don’t know what’s the difference between GRE and GMAT. To understand the distinctions, it is vital to know their natures. 

Which Candidates need GRE?
Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is for candidates seeking admission to Graduate Programs, Master's Degree Programs, and Business Schools. A good GRE score is between 300 to 340 points, which is also mentioned as an ideal GRE score in many universities entrance criteria for GRE.
Which Candidates need GMAT?
Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is for candidates looking to study MBA from international business schools. However, unlike GRE, The GMAT is only for MBA admissions and does not provide the option of entrance to other graduate or master's degrees. A good GMAT score is 650 and 690.

What Are the Differences Between the GMAT and the GRE?
Beside the fact that GRE helps you get in other programs and GMAT gets you admissions for only MBA colleges, there are many other distinctions such as:

  • Sections on Exams: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning (with one ungraded section) are the three sections of GRE , whereas the four GMAT sections are Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: The GMAT is tougher than GRE in this area. When the GRE asks analytical questions on supplied formulas, the GMAT asks questions about formulae's applicability and associated difficulties. If students wish to enroll in a school that places a premium on mathematical abilities, they should take the GMAT test rather than the GRE.
  • Calculator Usage: There are no calculators for GMAT applicants, but GRE applicants can use calculators.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Many argue that the GRE is tougher than GMAT in this area. Considering the distinction between the two examinations in terms of language abilities, it is worth noting that the GRE focus is vocabulary knowledge, while the GMAT focus is grammar. 
  • Difference in Sections: While the GRE has Unscored Research Section, that’s not the case in GMAT, as GMAT has Integrated Reasoning section.
  • GMAT & GRE Section Timings: GRE Verbal Reasoning is divided into two parts of 30 minutes each, while GMAT Verbal reasoning is a single component of 65 minutes. The GRE Analytical Writing Test is in two halves of 30 minutes each, but the GMAT Analytical Writing Test is a single section of 30 minutes. GRE Quantitative Reasoning is of 2 sections and 35 minutes each, whereas GMAT Quantitative Reasoning is a single section of 62 minutes. Each segment of GRE Unscored and Research section is of 30-35 minutes, but GMAT Integrated Reasoning is of 30 minutes.
  • GRE & GMAT Exam Durations: The GRE examination is 3 hours and 40 minutes, whereas the GMAT examination is 3 hours and 7 minutes.
  • Good GRE GMAT Scores: A good GRE score is 329 (90th percentile) and a good GMAT score is 710 (90th percentile).
  • Save & return in GRE: GRE has the 'Save and Return' option which allows students to return to an answered question, but GMAT does not include this function.
  • Mode of Tests GRE vs GMAT: you can take computer-based GRE tests throughout the year, or paper-based GRE tests thrice a year at specified centers, but GMAT is computer-based only. 

Career Opportunities of GRE and GMAT
88% of business schools prefer GMAT over the GRE for admissions because the GMAT was established solely to assist business schools in admitting qualified candidates. The GRE was developed to assist colleges that offer Master's Degrees and other Graduate Programs.
In other words, GRE is for engineering students interested in further studies in Engineering and Technology, while GMAT is for MBA professionals. However, 90% of business schools accept both GRE and GMAT scores.

How GRE Exams Help?
When students perform well on the GRE and pursue a Master's Degree, they are assured of admission to a reputable university. From there, the student must demonstrate unwavering dedication to their area and get a well-paid start to a profitable career.

How GMAT Exams Help?
With a good Post-GMAT score, you can walk into any globally renowned business school with a license to rule the corporate world. This entails researching various countries and their commercial interests. Whether you work for the government, a commercial corporation, or even independently, a graduate of a reputable business school increases your chances of success.

Where to get the Best GMAT Training in UAE?
Now that you know how advantageous both these exams are to you, it’s also important to notice that preparing for these premium tests requires a deep knowledge of test strategies to manage time and solve questions faster, as well as plenty of practice and guidance. Self-preparation is an option, but it’s not a practical choice seeing that you will hardly get all the concepts and tricks you need in a limited time, so the best method is to always go with professional assistance. 

This is where BrighterPrep, with more than 10 years of experience in successfully training students towards great GMAT scores, steps into the picture. We have trained and guided numerous students towards realizing their dreams which started with cracking the perfect scores in their GMAT/GRE exams. We have the most qualified GMAT tutors in the UAE  who can guarantee to improve GMAT scores in less time so that you may apply to the most prominent programs in the world. 
BrighterPrep has built a reputation as one of the best GMAT coaching institutes in UAE. That provides excellent time-bound coaching for these two entrance tests, and other admissions tests too. Our excellent tutors are going to give you personalized attention and customize your training schedule and program to suit your needs. 

Where to get the Best GRE Training in UAE?
If you plan to apply for different graduate programs around the world, you have come to the right place. BrighterPrep is considered the best GRE coaching center in UAE. With our experienced and qualified instructors, you can choose between the GRE classroom training in UAE, GRE online training which are designed to maximize both collaboration and convenience. 
In addition to BrighterPrep’s unique, high-quality learning tools, we work with the very best GRE tutors in Dubai to coach you towards your top potential on this test, ensuring that you bring your academic career to an exciting new chapter.

GMAT and GRE are highly prestigious examinations that can take your careers to unrealized heights. As there are many highly-talented candidates who are also aiming to get good scores in these exams, the competition is very tough and in times like these, it’s always a safe bet to take professional assistance to save time and efforts. Please contact BrighterPrep and speak to one of our trainers today! 

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