Middlesex University Guide for international students 


Middlesex university is a leading educational institution. If you want to study abroad, you must look for the university's requirements for secured admission. The university takes a personalized and fair approach to admission intakes.

Let's have a look at what the world-renowned university demands from the applicants -

Admission-related Requirements 

The university ranking always speaks about the quality education that Middlesex university offers with a rich legacy. It is, therefore, a moderately competitive school to get into. Some general entry-level requirements and subject-specific necessities exist for the top programs at Middlesex university

Important considerations made in the initial offers:

​1. Prior achievements in the awarded qualifications

2. Anticipated achievements in the currently opted field of study, whether you studied at a different Higher Education Institution or have not yet completed your course.

3. The university also considers when you last studied for previous qualifications or completed secondary education.

4. As some courses require an interview or the submission of a portfolio, other evidence describing your commitment to the subject chosen, for instance, through personal statements or academic references, is also taken care of. 

Eligibility criteria 

Once the university receives your accumulated test scores and grades, it evaluates your potential for the subject you have applied for. The acceptance rate at Middlesex university is quite high, and therefore you must carefully observe if you meet the eligibility criteria or not. Consider the following while going to this university:

  • An application form, submitted in online mode only, is mandatory.
  • Original transcripts for all necessary academic qualifications
  • The Grade Point Average of at least 3.2 on a 4.0 scale is necessary. It is approximately 83-86 percent, indicating a risky admission intake. A personal statement or a statement of purpose mentions the applicant's dedication and motivation in the chosen subjects.
  • Applicants must qualify for three subjects under the General Certification for Secondary Education. They are:

1. Compulsory English (minimum score required is 4 or a C Grade)

2. Few courses may require 4 points as a minimum test score in Science or Math.

​3. The university also accepts Key skills and Functional skills of Tier 2 as equivalents.

​4. Interviews and auditions are additional requirements for some of the offered courses.

Country specific requirements

Application requirements may differ for the postgraduate courses based on an applicant's country. 

The academic transcripts or certifications also differ according to the region. For instance, to enroll in the MBA course, a Pakistani must pass a four-year undergraduate degree with a 2.5 GPA as a minimum score, while for a Chinese, a four-year diploma from a Technical college is required.

Students with prior work experience are preferred and the candidate must have proficiency in the English language score. Besides, copies of the passport and financial verification are also necessary for the application process. 


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