The cost of study for international students in Canada?

Canada has been gradually thriving as a preferred destination for higher education in recent years. It has become one of the most chosen study abroad destinations for international students as every year many international students decide to study in Canada. The country is majorly notable amongst international students for numerous privileges, fewer and inexpensive tuition fees in comparison with distinct universities. The university fee that an international learner pays to study in Canada is a major contribution if we talk about the total cost of studying in Canada and, apart from the tuition fee, there is more advantages to studying in Canada, like world-renowned institutions,  quality education, scholarship programs, internship opportunities, post-study work options, and welcoming and non-discriminatory society as well. Such aspects make your study journey less complex and simpler.

About a decade ago, overseas education was only correlated with financially abundant families, but now the new rules and regulations have altered the thoughts of many students, as it is now much more manageable to study in Canada with a life of affordable living. The fee structure and the total cost of study in Canada for international students are less compared to the US, UK, and Australia, but it also counts on the type of university or the course you choose to study in Canada.

The average tuition fees in Canada for international students would range between C$20,000 to C$50,000 and it also relies on other factors as well, including housing, conveyance, sustenance, and the place you decide to stay. All of these factors play a crucial role if you intend to study in Canada by organizing your living budget and expenses.

Since the total cost of study in Canada is comparatively more economical than it is in other countries, it provides a great opportunity of earning while you learn. Those who study in Canada are permitted to work part-time for about 20 hours a week on campus or outside. Students can also apply for a work permit for up to 3 years and, with remarkable work opportunities, it becomes a feasible option for international students to learn, earn and cut down on educational expenses.

Get Guidance from Overseas Education Consultants

Many students have opted to study in Canada on account of the benefits the country offers. To avail of those benefits, you are recommended to consult the overseas education consultants of GoToUniversity. The universities in Canada are recognized and respected worldwide for their excellence and quality of education. We have very well-informed overseas education consultants who are well versed with the rules and university system in Canada, who would help you accomplish your goal of studying in Canada at an expense that your pocket allows. 

 Our overseas education consultants are always a step forward to assisting you in the best way possible and making the entire procedure of your application go smoothly. They can refer to the best university and courses based on your academic profile.

Consulting an overseas education consultant would save your hours of research in discovering the best university and program and provide you with the promising and most reasonable options with the years of expertise they have attained. 

They will also help you with supervising the admission process to the Canadian universities with complete information on the cost of studying in Canada. They will also counsel you and help you qualify for the university entrance examinations and the Visa application, as well as a very nominal cost.

As they are very experienced in their field of counseling, they would guide you and carve an easy path for you by keeping all the factors in mind that might hamper your educational journey. GoToUniversity’s overseas education consultants also provide the services of preparing for different language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc, with interactive online and offline classes and private tutoring, as well as in India and Dubai. It is a great platform where you can prepare for such tests as they also provide a unique and effective program with small batches where more than 10,000 students have been successfully trained so far, so that you can qualify for the test before applying to any university, and to make the further process easier and you become a good fit for the criteria of the university admission.

An overseas education consultant plays a significant role in your admission process and you must confer with one. They are available for you throughout the admission process from evaluating your profile, selecting a university and program related to career choices, documentation, educational loans, and accommodation to the process even after getting accepted. So, if you are planning to choose Canada as your study destination, then you must take directions regarding anything relevant to studying in Canada and the cost of studying in Canada with an overseas education consultant.

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