Tips for Scoring Band 9 in IELTS Reading 

Getting band 9 in IELTS Reading is possible! 

Many test-takers are writing to us with the notion that it is not a possible task for non-native English speakers. They merely cannot grasp all that difficult vocabulary”. Of course, you may encounter some unknown words on the IELTS Reading. Take a look! However, you shouldn’t worry – it’s utterly normal!

The main goal of IELTS Reading is to check your ability to know what you have learned. Therefore, although you don’t grasp some words, it’s ok, as you'll be able to guess what that means and still get band 9! 

Tips for scoring band 9 IELTS 

1. Best Coaching

Choosing the correct IELTS Test Preparation center with knowledgeable trainers. they're the only suppliers of the best steering to organize you for the examination preparation.

2. Skim over and wait for the answers

Skimming refers to wanting just for the most concepts. you do not ought to scan paying attention to each word. Remember, you simply ought to answer the queries, nothing additional. therefore skim over the text and so begin trying to find the answers.

3. Do not have trouble reading the passages. It’s a waste of your time.

First, browse the queries, circle the keywords, and then try and hunt for those keywords or a word / paraphrased text within the passage

4. Time Management

Don’t forget you have got 1 hour to scan 3 texts and answer 40 queries. You won’t get overtime for filling your answer sheet, thus making certain manage it slow properly.

5. Choose your technique

It may sound strange initially, but... there's no final recommendation on which technique fits you most effectively for your IELTS Test Prep. Practice doing IELTS Reading samples to work out that technique fits you a lot.

Tips to Score High in IELTS Exam with GoToUniversity

1. Understand the check format

Before you see any check, it’s vital that you simply perceive the format of the check utterly. IELTS assesses a candidate on four parameters: reading, writing, listening and speaking.  A candidate should prove his proficiency altogether in the four fields in a pair of hours forty-five minutes. The time assigned for every check.

2. Practice more

“Practice makes a person perfect”, this statement holds for the IELTS examination too. You wish to practice often if you would like to Score high in IELTS in one go. To enhance your listening skills, you wish to hold back and perceive every word as they’re being spoken. Reading skills can improve with time. Browse aloud to improve your pronunciation. Write essays on topics that interest you. Don’t worry about an excessive amount concerning the descriptive linguistics part; simply ensure, you’ll be able to write fluently. Speak with individuals, and practice speaking English before the mirror.

3. Fluency in vocabulary

While speaking, concentrate on the fluency that’s specifically what you’ll be judged on.

Why Choose IELTS Training at GoToUniversity Dubai?

Having been within the marketplace for an extended time and manufacturing high-quality scholars from IELTS preparation programmes by providing Test Prep Services, GoToUniversity has been a popular coaching establishment for college students and professionals seeking knowledge facilitation in a very big variety of fields and subjects.  GoToUniversity provides IELTS Course in Dubai, which includes an honored and extremely revered school and a team of trainers who are all committed to providing the best preparation coaching and education for IELTS in GoToUniversity for students.

Our Redeeming Features

We offer interactive, inspiring and gratifying. Training with the following approaches:

  • Highly qualified and British Council-certified trainers
  • Orientation in addition to hints & tips sessions from British Council 
  • Latest materials from Cambridge and British Council
  • Small category size with individual attention
  • Mock tests to assess your current level
  • Weekdays and Weekends categories square measure obtainable
  • Affiliate member of British council to coach and register take a look at takers for IELTS exams

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